Friday 24 January 2014

GlossyBox - 'Back to Basics' & a Farewell.

I almost never wrote this post, but then I thought to mark the end of an era and all that..

So I have been with GlossyBox right from Day 1, which I believe was right back in May 2011. I've never missed a box but I can honestly say, as the months have passed by, the Wow factor has decreased massively. Not because the novelty has worn off (because believe me, I still get excited every time I receive a new box), but the effort (or lack of) they seem to put into it.

Every once in a while, they'd put a 'Wow factor' box out there, maybe to keep people interested, and to grab everyone's attention back, but then it'd go straight back downhill for months after that. Products started to become not so luxury, but instead High Street products that you could pick up for a few quid. That took the excitement and luxury out of it. A part of being subscribed to a beauty box was the excitement of knowing you owned an item that was worth a few bob. Even if no one else knows, there's a feeling of almost contentment inside knowing that, on your bathroom shelf sits a cream that's worth £60 full size (whether it does the job or not is a different matter!). As well as receiving cheaper products, they'd also be teamed with sample size (and I mean sample squirt-the-perfume-4-times-and-its-gone-size), not to mention the fact that you'd probably be able to pick it up for free at your local boots. Occasionally you'd receive a decent sample size perfume bottle, one that would last you a weeks holiday, now those; they were good.
Another problem that I saw happening more and more - repeat products, or products that were the same brand, but just a slight different version, or colour. I've lost count of the amount of mineral based eyeshadows/bronzers/blushers I received in those miniature pots that are too small to even get a brush in.

Glossy did do a handful of products that stood out, the first one being the NARS item which I received in their first ever box.

I will say in terms of packaging, Glossy beats Birchbox hands down. They now have a new improved box (which, would you believe, is finally glossy!) and slightly larger of size. I love these boxes, and have created them into my own storage boxes for beauty items, labeling them individually and stacking them in my dressing room. I have also wrapped many of these in pretty paper and given them as gifts (not the box, but full with items!). Birchbox on the other hand, the box, although strong, was of a cardboard material (to look at visually too) and it is of an awkward size which prevents you from putting full size products in.

Half way during my time with Glossy, I also subscribed to Birchbox. Just like Glossy, this occasionally had (and still has) its bad months whereby it doesn't hit all the right notes, however this is rare compared to Glossy. I usually receive 6 items with Birchbox (sometimes 7), one being a lifestyle item (i.e. food/drink/hair item), and admittedly its not often you receive a full size product, however you do receive a lot of, what I call 'half sizes' - more 75ml products, and this I like.

I understand that it would be impossible for these companies to suit everyone, every month, its just not going to happen. But I felt like less and less effort was being put into them, they were struggling to get hold of new brands to promote their items and it just wasn't drawing me in.

For these reasons, and the fact that I'm trying to save money this year, I have cancelled my subscription and have decided to work on getting through my stash of products. I am still in receipt of Birchbox.. I wouldn't be able to cancel them both.. who would treat me each month then?!

Here is jut a quick round-up of this months Glossy Box, which was 'Back to Basics'. I was so glad this was a poor box because it made it so much easier for me to justify unsubscribing!

Vaseline Clean Feeling Lotion. Definitely not a wow product for me knowing I can go collect it from Superdrug for a few pounds. I've tried this on my skin and the consistency is really thin. The scent is non-existent and it left my skin feeling pretty tacky.
Balance Me Super Toning Body Wash - Again, the brand didn't make my eyes pop knowing I could pick it up from Boots. The smell is fairly oriental and woody, which is not my cup of tea. Its a good size however to take on a weekend away.
Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream. This originates from Japan and they swear by it over there. As soon as I saw this I was disappointed because I only received a sample of this about 5 months ago so its nothing new. Not only that.. there were 2 of them! I suppose the good thing is they can be used anywhere on the body that is suffering from dry skin.
Anatomicals Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer. I know this brand is stocked in Tescos. These do look intriguing - You get 2 packs (2 applications worth) which are in a vacuum packed sachet. The eye pads are surrounded by water (of some sort) which I'm guessing keeps them moist and consists of those magic ingredients! These claim to reduce under-eye puffiness, dark circles and helps prevent under eye ageing. I thought they would be some form of tissue material but from the packaging, they look almost plastic/silicone, so I am rather curious about these.
The Vintage Company Tweezers. Pretty floral tweezers, but do I use tweezers? No, because I'm a wimp! So these £8 tweezers will either get passed onto someone else or sold.... or maybe put in a giveaway? Who knows.

It's been good Glossy, but not good enough.




  1. I was also disappointed with this months glossybox - it was my first one! I think i might keep it going for a couple more months to see if it gets better but I can see why you've cancelled!xo

    1. Oh dear! That's not a good first box for you then is it! If it doesn't improve I really would recommend Birchbox. Thanks for the follow btw! :-D x

  2. I was going to subscribe next month but damn, it was quite disappointing this month. Not sure if I want it anymore x

    1. Honestly, I'd go with Birchbox if I were you. x


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