Thursday 30 January 2014

The Pampery Gift Set

I've never been one to just receive one 'main' present from one person at Christmas. I've (somehow) become the girl that is a 'bits n bobs' kinda person when it come's to receiving gifts. My boyfriend always gets me a 'main' present, then lots of little bits and bobs to go with it, and his family seem to have adopted this pattern as well. So it wasn't no surprise that from both his mum and sister, I had lots of smaller gifts to unwrap this Christmas, this being one of them:

Although this isn't a 'brand' name as such, I couldn't not swoon over the cute packaging.. I mean c'mon, how could you not like that cupcake tin? I haven't a clue what I'm going to store in it yet, but that alone deserves a mention. I love the whole vintage take as well..

The boxed body lotion did not come in the tin, but as a separate gift, however because it was all from the same brand, I thought I would pop it in! Without being too judgmental, I didn't have high expectations of this behind the cutesy packaging. I thought the bubble bath would be only lightly scented and produce a pitiful worth of bubbles, and the body moisturizer would be so thin on the ground and greasy that I'd just stick it in my drawer to never see the light of day again. However, I was pleasantly surprised!

Minus the tall body lotion and plus a body soufflĂ© that I accidentally missed out on the photo, this was the contents of the tin. I'm not a fan of bath fizzers so I quickly got that out the way with first and used it up before it gathered dust. All the products smelt of cakes (really!). So sweet and feminine. The moisturizer I am really happy with. The consistency is perfect, and absorbs into the skin very quickly considering! The bubble bath produced loads of bubbles, although I will admit, the scent didn't hang around for too long before it vanished.

Overall, taking a rough estimate at the full price of this, I think it serves well. (Purchased from wilko's).

Have you received any cheap products that you've been impressed with? I guess its not always higher priced products that cut the barrel!


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  1. I bet that smells amazing!! So many lovely products xx


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