Wednesday 1 January 2014

Welcome 2014!

My blog feed has been over-flowing with NY resolutions, and I told myself I'm not going to do one this but I do enjoy looking back on them once the year has passed, to actually see how motivated I have been. However, this year I'm going to break my resolutions into smaller sub categories, and try to avoid the common 'Try to lose weight' aims, cos lets face it, that's boring.


❤ Drink more water. I honestly don't drink enough, of any fluid for that matter. If you poured all my daily fluids for one day together, I'd probably just fill 2 pint glasses. Not good. I forget how crucial water is to our bodies. Not only do we need it to digest food, but our vital organs need it as well in order to function properly and to send messages. Also it helps to oil our joints. I've noticed more pain in my knee joints this year, and this may well be a cause. I also suffer with headaches. I'll go through bouts of having headaches every single day for a few weeks on end. Again, this is probably a cause. Ok... before this turns into a biology lesson....

❤ Exercise (Yes, I know this is a common one but hear me out!). I don't do exercise, end of. I only do it when I'm on a mission to lose weight, which shouldn't be the case. At present, my body needs it more than ever now, so even if I drag my boyfriend out once a week for a long walk. One long walk is better than no walks at all.


❤ Wash those flamin' make-up brushes more often. Uh, such a tedious task but really, germs galore on those things and I often one where those occasional blemishes come from on my cheeks. Blusher brush I'm looking at you.

❤ Have more regular hair cuts! Never been a hair person, and never probably will. I have a sister-in-law whose a hairdresser and it still doesn't change things. My hair is really long now and I haven't had a trim in a long time.

❤ This was on last years list, and although I tried, it never happened. Banish my nails of those horrid yellow stains from nail polish, which means wearing less dark colours and baring all occasionally (which is hard for me because I'm conscious of them!). It will also help if I'm not too lazy and start using a base coat EVERY time I paint my nails, and not just 'when I can be bothered'.


❤ Comping is a huge hobby of mine, sometimes that huge that as soon as I get in from work, I'm comping till bedtime. Because of this, I start to neglect other priorities (such as washing up.. oh the joy), so my housework occasionally suffers because I'm too busy being addicted. No matter how much of a buzz I get from it, I'm going to set myself a certain amount of hours each night.

❤ Have a blogging schedule. This has already been half compiled. I have monthly blog posts that I aim to cover each month. I may have set myself up to fail on this (because I really have to be in the mood to blog) but we'll see how we go.

❤ A new hobby came into my life at Christmas; sewing (with a machine, not by hand!). I aim to be able to do simple home accessories (i.e. shabby chic hanging heart garlands) by summer 2014. I'm a beginner, ok!

❤ This is a repeat from last year but - read a book a month. I really do love to read but I didn't manage to complete this - I think I read approx. 6-7 books in 2013, which actually isn't a great deal considering, but I recognize where I was going wrong. I was only reading in bed (and the occasional train/plane journey). Sometimes I drop into bed and I'm so tired that I just go straight to sleep, therefore not being able to pick a book up on a daily basis. So, from this year I will not keep my book on my bedside drawers, but move it around the house. Read it on the couch, whilst I'm waiting for food to be cooked, I may even take it to work and read on my dinner break, being the anti-social person I am.

Home Life

❤ Create a house chores schedule. It worked last time, it should work again.

❤ Decorate the hallway/landing and get it looking how it looks in my head

❤ Make the back bedroom more presentable (instead of a dumping ground!) and create a little 'office' space in there for me and my computer! I really miss sitting at a desk to type. I'm obsessed with stationary and notebooks, and everything having their own little place, so this will be a dream for me!

❤ Those little but annoying jobs that need doing round the house that you keep procrastinating about? Do them!

Me & My Outlook

❤ I'm not going to say stop worrying (because that would be impossible for me), but I've learnt over the past few months that its never as bad as it first appears. That situation that you've just been put in that's filled you with dread. Don't go home and fret about it all night, because when it happens, its never as bad as it first seemed, then you kick yourself for wasting all that time worrying.

❤ Lower my expectations. This is a biggy for me. This is what creates arguments. Peoples expectations of others are set too high, so when those expectations aren't met, frustration and anger set in. For example, (and a very common and real example in my life!) - I go to work and my boyfriend has a few days off - I arrive home from work expecting my tea to be waiting, and the house to be spotless. I walk through the door and the tea has only just been put in the oven, and the mess that was there before I left the house that morning? Its still there. I analyse the situation and realize that in fact my boyfriend has spent the entire day in front of the TV playing on his PS3, and hasn't moved a muscle till now. Frustration and anger sets in and I begin questioning him, asking him why he hasn't done anything. This gets a reaction and an argument begins to bubble. This is a very common argument in our household, and we've had many screaming matches over it, but I just have to learn that this is a man we're talking about. And yes, some men are very domesticated, but the majority? Far from it. I have to remind myself that its not in a mans nature do use their initiative to clean. And when they do do the cleaning, try not to be critical and think/tell them they've done a half-ar$ed job (they have, but lets not go there) and that its not up to your standards. You're a woman, and in terms of cleaning, you have different standards of home cleanliness to men, and clean in places they never even knew existed.

There's probably a few more, but this is the main bulk of it for now.

Wow, I've got a few challenges ahead of me for 2014.. bring them on!


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