Monday 8 September 2014

August 2014 Instagram round-up

For those that follow me on instagram (@kateld85) you may know that in August I took on the challenge of instagramming something prominent each day of that month. I think I may have missed 2 days but here are the highlights of the month..
 Clockwise from L-R
*The beginning of the month saw my Dads 60th birthday (now that's a scary thought!). We all went out for a nice meal in the country - The food was really late coming out because they had a wedding on, so we ended up getting 2 free bottles of wine and our huge bill halved! (no moaning there!).
*I found this little cheeky monkey (my niece) at my mums when I popped one day.
*Degustabox arrival's always excite me!
*Baking day!
*Messing around with nail art.. not too keen on this one but it did remind me of the old fashioned fruit-salad sweets!
*Picnic in the park!
*Roses & Lilies from Mike. They made the living room smell SO good for well over a week.. They have definitely become my new fave flower!
*Current read throughout the month of August - Review to come!
*My first attempt at marbled watercolour nail art
*Mediterranean platter
*More baking, I followed Tanya Burr's recipe for this!
*New drink that Café Nero has released - Chocolate & Coconut frappe - Yum!
*One of the new Premier Inn rooms in Manchester's Portland St
*Ant n Dec Live doing some river dancing
*Afternoon tea (Competition win)
*2nd trip (ever) to Ikea
*A very rare selfie
*A pub meal whilst being dragged to watch the Liverpool match
*Took these little monsters out for the day
*Mikes birthday cards

Did you have a good August?

I can't believe summer is pretty much over for another year :-(

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