Monday 6 June 2016

Review: May's Degustabox!

For the most part I really enjoyed the contents of this month's DB. Although I felt like a lot of the products were more on the snack side of things, I do love a good snack so this worked well for me.

Lets take a closer look...

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey BBQ Glaze - £1.99
Bottles like these really make me want to invest in a BBQ! I haven't got to try this out yet, because as well as the lack of BBQ, we seem to have accumulated a tonne of BBQ sauce in our cupboard and just can't seem to get through the stuff!
Beloved Date Nectar - £3.50
This stuff can be used in porridge, on pancakes and as an alternative to sugar in baking. However something is telling me I sampled a date a few years back and really didn't like them, so I haven't been drawn towards this sauce just yet.

Cranes - 2 x £1.90
I'm not afraid to admit that I don't really drink alcohol. I've been through many a holidays, birthday's, christmas' and I don't touch a drop of the stuff. A few nights ago, at the start of a 4 day weekend, I had run out of juice and really fancied something cold and refreshing. I forced myself to reach for this in the fridge and I actually really liked it, so much so that I finished the whole bottle (yes, this is achievement for me!). It was light and fruity and there was no overpowering taste of alcohol that made my tastebuds squirm. I am struggling to find what alcohol it actually consists of though!?

Pomegreat - £1.49
I was expecting good things from this, but the taste disappointed. Not my cup of tea at all.

Kallo Rice Cakes - £1.29/£1.69
I bloody loved these. They are light yet moreish. The sweet topping kept making me want to go back for more. It was the perfect combination of both savoury and sweet. They come individually wrapped in packs of 3 so I just grabbed these and it was a replacement for my sandwich/pasta at work. Yum!

Get Fruity - £1
This fruit and oat bar wasn't up my street unfortunately, but I knew that when I saw it. It just didn't tantalize those taste buds for me. I'm not usually a fussy eater but when it comes to dried fruit, or fruit bars, its definitely a love or hate thing for me, and more so its hate, and this bar fell into that category. Sorry!

Mrs Crimbles Gluten Free Madeleines
These perfectly sized individually-wrapped cakes are great for on-the-go. They had a slight different taste to typical sponge due to them being gluten free, and I found the sponge to be a little more dense and heavy, but they were still pretty tasty!

(please ignore the white central box)

Garofalo - £1.99
The appearance of this pasta just makes me want to cook it immediately. Really intriguied to see if this has got a different taste to normal fusilli pasta. 

Pasquier Croissants - £1.80
I really enjoyed the convenience of these, especially before work in a morning. Being able to just flick the oven on, unwrap 1-2 of these and pop them in for a few minutes enabled me to carry on with typical morning errands before whipping them out again, slathering some butter on, and eating them! No preparation is what I like best in a morning, so these were perfect! Not to mention delicious!
The Wonderful Company - 2 x 90p
Pistachio was a nut I think I discovered whilst being at uni, and I remember getting a bit addicted. I do still enjoy them but it's not often I purchase them, so this was a nice little nostalgic treat. Still as nice as ever, and the size of these packs are perfect to pop in your handbag and not get carried away with the amount you eat! Same goes for the almonds, although I do find these a little more difficult to eat alone - I feel they should be accompanied with something..
Pechkeks Fortune Cookies - 2 x £1
Bit of a strange item to be included in a subscription box, but I'm all about the unique things in life! These are a comedy take on the fortune cookies that you tend to get with your Chinese meal - they are black in colour, and instead of offering a life-changing quote, they offer insults. I wish I kept mine but it definitely did make me raise a smile. These would be brilliant at dinner parties. Not that I ever hold any of those....

To subscribe to DB and get a whopping £6 discount on your first box, type the code SIGIDN at checkout.

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  1. Im always so tempted by this! You get so much for your money!
    Summer xx


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