Tuesday 3 January 2017

December Round - Up - NYC, Walt Disney World & Christmas!

Can I start by saying how gutted I am that I missed my November round-up. I had kept this going all year, however I was in NYC at the back-end of November into December, and my holiday continued from there, so I really didn't get chance. I guess I could do it now, but that would just feel wrong! Safe to say, the majority of it was quiet in the run-up to my USA stint, then it became manic with packing and last minute errands to do before we jetted away!

However today we're here to round up December.. WOW, what a month that was! As November turned into December I was in NYC (hopefully you're keeping up with the posts?!). On 4th December we left NY and jetted off to Florida for 12 nights in Disney. I had the time of my life, but that's self-explanatory really isn't it? Then, after 12 nights we jumped in the car and headed to Clearwater, which is just passed Tampa. We stayed in the most luxurious hotel right on the beach, and we had the perfect ocean view. After 2.5 weeks of chaotic but fun action, this was our down time, a time to recharge our batteries. We had slow days which mainly consisted of eating, sleeping, enjoying the beach with its gorgeous powder white sand (it really does feel like powder over there!), and not forgetting the shopping.

NYC at Christmas!

Universal Studios, Orlando

Room with a view, Clearwater
A few days before Christmas we landed back in the UK, and I finished off the remainder of my Christmas shopping. Our Christmas was really quiet, we spent it at my mums then just slobbed out infront of the TV, just me and Mike cosied up by the fire with food surrounding us. We really needed a quiet one this year after the 3 weeks we had just spent away!
After having a month (yes, one month!) off work, I came crashing back down with a thud when I went in on the in-between days of Christmas & New Year. Luckily it was so quiet and really laid back with only me in the office, so it was a nice way to ease myself back in!

Again, NYE was very quiet, but I'm old now, and I've grown out of all that partying business. Me & Mike drove to another town for an Indian meal, which was so good. We then got back home at 11, saw the New Year in, then I was taxi service for my mum and her partner who went to a NYE ball - Yes, a daughter picking her mum up from a NYE party. How does that work?! I think I need to reassess my life.

Keep your eyes peeled for blog posts that will walk you through my recent holiday to America! NY posts have already begun!

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