Friday 21 April 2017

Disney Day 8: 1900 Park Fare, Crazy Golf & The Mall!

Today we pencilled in a 'slow day' today because I knew by now all the action of both NYC and our time in the parks would have started to take its toll.
We ventured over to The Grand Floridian and dined with classic English Disney characters. We met the likes of Marry Poppins, Winnie the Pooh, The Mad Hatter etc.. The buffet here was great, so much choice and a cute little section for kids (only in Disney can you eat jelly sweets on top of your pancakes for breakfast! Also in Disney can adults get away with drinking chocolate milk for breakfast).
Ignore my creepy awful face! Totally for Winnie the Pooh...
We mooched around The Grand Floridian afterwards, admiring the architecture and general grandness of the place (they didn't just get given that name for fun!). We then headed over to The Boardwalk around lunchtime. I feel this place is always overlooked on Disney holiday's. I love the atmosphere here and its a great place for some downtime after a few hectic days in the parks.
Subtle Mary Poppins theming around the GF.

Giant Gingerbread Houses in the GF

We then headed to a few outlets, I spent way too long in Forever 21 and bought a few winter items (which felt strange when it was so hot outside!). Definitely bracing myself for my return to the UK! The hotel pool was calling us for a quick dip before the sun went down..

In the evening we headed to Winter Summerland, which is a crazy golf course. We did Fantasia Gardens last year and loved it, so thought we'd mix it up and try the other course this time and I will admit, I got a little over-enthusiastic about the theming.. the extent Disney go to is just beyond belief.

A house set up ready for Christmas morning...

Stay tuned for day 9!

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