Monday 19 February 2018

UK Staycation Bucket List

There's something I want to start doing more of, and that's seeing my own country. I've been a bit of a traitor over the years and have visited more countries outside of UK than I have in. However there are so many beautiful places within England that I long to visit, and that list is ever-growing. Here are my top 5 places that I would love to visit within the next year or so..


I love the look of bath, and how it holds a lot of history. I remember learning all about the Roman Baths as a kid in school, so I'd love to be able to visit them one day! It's a slight trek from us, at a 4+hr drive, but I'm determined to get there at some point. I'd love to visit whilst they had their Christmas market on!


I've never visited Scotland but again, Edinburgh really appeals to me because it has the perfect mixture of city life and history, with countryside being on your doorstep. I'd love to see Edinburgh castle too, and I can imagine the military tattoo festival would be amazing to watch!

The Lake District

Now this one I've been to on several occasions, moreso when I was a teenager though so I can't remember it too much (and definitely wouldn't have appreciated it back then). My last trip was with work in 2010 for a sponsored hike. We didn't really get to explore too much and 8 years have passed since then, so I think another trip is in order! I'd love to get a cottage with a hot tub and just enjoy lots of walks in the countryside and getting in touch with nature.

The Cotswolds

I'm a sucker for quaint little villages, and this looks like somewhere I'd love to live (how could you not think those houses are cute?!). I don't really know too much about the place but I can imagine walking down all the country lanes on a summers day and admiring all the cute thatched medieval villages and sitting by a lake whilst enjoying a picnic... dreamy.


This one is closest to us, but still a 2.5hr drive, yet somewhere that I've never visited. I like the fact that this is predominantely a university city, but has that quaintness to it. I want to see the boats/punters and I'd find a cute little tea shop and have afternoon tea whilst people watching. My perfect afternoon!

We have started to save for our wedding (yes, he finally popped the question on New Years Day!) so unfortunately a lot of travel plans are having to go on the back burner for a while, so it may take me a while to get through this list!
Where would you like to visit this year?


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