Wednesday 23 November 2011

Heel Accessory?

Now if I'm a bit behind with the times and these have been out for a long time, then I do apologise. I've only just stumbled on them whilst browsing ASOS for shoes..

Heel accessories.. I don't know what to make of them.. I think they are super pretty to look at and are a great way of adding a little detail and sparkle to plain heels, but for the amount of money, I'd be a little scared of them falling off whilst I'm dancing away! Plus, I think you'd have to chose the right occasion to wear these to. An average night on the town and I don't think many people would spot them sparkling on the back of your shoe...
They have a silicon backing which attach to the inside of the shoe (where your heel sits), then the accessory itself falls over the heel of your shoe and sits at the back for the world to see.

Prices start from £13.99 and can be purchased from ASOS.
For more designs see here.

Would you buy an accessory for your fave set of heels?



  1. Personally, I wouldn't. Who goes around looking at the back of people's shoes?! I know they look nice, but for that price you could almost buy another pair of shoes xx

  2. i dunno it seems pretty expensive for something that
    a) wont get seen
    b) will probably get lost 15 mins into a drunken fri night...
    hmmmm maybe they just arnt for me?
    (although they are pretty!)

  3. Wow I have never seen these, I think they look great.. But yes would be scared of loosing them!

  4. These are soooooooooooooo cute. :-) Its the little details that count.



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