Sunday 27 November 2011

Weekend fun!

These weekend photos mostly portray relaxtion and stuffing my face. I am innocent. Partially.

Clockwise from Left -
*McDonalds are currently giving out Coca Cola glasses reflecting designs from the past 100yrs. I haven't had a McDonalds in almost 2 months since I've been trying to be good, so this was a nice start to my weekend on Friday night (and we got free McFlurry's 'cos we were waiting a while for our order, bonus!).
*My 16month old niece visiting me, can you see what kind of auntie I'm gonna be? ;-)
*A nice beefy vanilla candle that I bought today from Homebase for £3.29, reduced from £5. 90hrs of burning time. Smells like one of my mums Xmas Yankess Candles but I can't remember which one. I am obsessed with candles but I refuse to spend tonnes on them so this was ideal. It's gonna sit in our living room but I'm not burning it till Dec 1st :-)
*Phish Food! Need I say more? This was on offer whilst do our weekly shop, so I had to treat myself. Indulged whilst watching X Factor, and will continue on it tonight for the 2nd lap ;-)

On top of all that, me and my boyfriend continued on with the painting this afternoon in the conservatory. One more session and it should be done thank god! Also took a trip to my mums for a quick visit.

Sorted out the 'junk cupboard'. Does everyone have one of these? A cupboard/drawer that everything gets stuffed in? With ours its mostly mail, and since we've only been in our house 5 months, we're still getting the previous occupants mail, in fact they get more than us! So I've sorted it all out, re-addressed it and have a massive pile that I have to put back in the post box. Something that I've been meaning to do for a few months now. Oopsy!

I'm about to round my Sunday off with a lovely chicken chasseur that is currently being cooked by my boyfriend. A lap of X Factor, followed by a bit of I'm a celeb (I only watch the bush tucker trial part), then I'm gonna have a nice hot shower possibly followed by a film in bed.

What did you all get up to this weekend?

Only a few more days till my competition ends! Spread the word to whoever you think will be interested!



  1. Mmm, you've just made me want a McDonald's! Van't remember the last time I had one.
    Yes, I have several junk drawers and boxes haha - I know it's all a load of junk but I always think "hmm that might come in useful one day!"

  2. seems very relaxed indeed, love those weekends!

  3. Oh man your coca cola glass is way nice than mine, livid! I got 1961 I think! I'm just chilling in bed with a vanilla candle on the go, so relaxing! Glad you've had a good tidy and a relaxing weekend, pretty similar to mine haha xxxx

  4. Ahh I much prefer Phish food to cookie dough - everyone seems to be obsessed with it. Uncooked cookie dough = yuck!



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