Monday 28 November 2011

November's GlossyBox - Controversy!

I'm a bit annoyed with the whole GlossyBox 'thing' this month. And before you start thinking, the majority of this has nothing to do with the contents of the box, because I know they've had some slating.
A week before our boxes were due to be dispatched I received an email stating that GB is having problems with the transfer of money from my account to theirs. They stated it could be one of 3 things; insufficient funds in my account, the wrong billing address or my card details have changed. It was none of those. I emailed them and she told me to re-subscribe. I emailed her back, and she didn't return my email. 1 brownie point down for poor communication. I was then 5 days late receiving my box. 5 days doesn't seem a lot, but when you start seeing reviews and slatings all over facebook and blogger, the days just ticked by and my box just wasnt appearing but more and more slatings were! I finally received my box (although no-one was in so I had to go collect it, don't you just hate that?).

After all that, I was then faced with the thought of a poor box after all the negatives I had read. However, I was quite surprised. I wasn't overly happy with the items, but then I wasn't as disappointed as much as some are.
Firstly, GB claim November's box is 'The Christmas Gift-Guide: Part 1' - Nothing in the box is very festive in my eyes? If you stuck a glitter nail polish or some shimmer eyeshadow or a red lipstick in, then I could see he festiveness, however all the products are commonly used all year round. They also stated on their intro card '5 products to try before you buy (whether for yourself or others)' - point out the obvious! This is what GB is all about all year round, not just for Christmas. I know they were trying to give us ideas for Christmas gifts but come on, you can come up with better than that!
Yes, we did receive the Dead Sea salts a few boxes ago, although this is a larger packet and was the winning beauty product of 2011, so it can't be all bad? The moisturiser I haven't tried yet, but no one can say no to a moisturiser, we all need them. This was full size which alone is worth £16.25.
The Illasmasqua perfume sample I think has created the most controversy. People stating that we can get free perfume samples from over the counter, and that we've had them one too many times now. However I read somewhere that Illamasqua don't give perfume samples away. Either way, I was quite surprised with this perfume. Knowing the age bracket this brand is aimed at, I thought the perfume was more a smell for the mature lady (as always with GB!). Shame.
The hand cream is nice and rich and is a great size to sling in your handbag or take away on holiday. I am always using hand cream, especially now it's colder, so this will definitely come in handy.
The nail wraps - this was again, something we received a few months ago. I do have a better design this time, however I still don't think I will use them so they will just join my other pack at the back of the drawer.

I noticed some people received an elasticizer for the hair, which I wish I had received, but we can't have it all!

I will agree with other's that GB is beginning to get a little repetitive with the product types, however the whole curiousity keeps me wanting more. I will maybe re-assess things in the new year and maybe change my box to another company?

How many of you are on the brink of unsubscribing from GB?

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  1. I'm getting Decembers box then unsubscribing. I sat agreeing with everything you said about GB and the products, let's just hope December is packed with actual Xmas treats :) xx

  2. I agree with what you said great blog. I also agree with it not being a very Christmas inspired box even though its xmas ideas i didn't even think about that. Glad you finally got your box but as u know i unsubscribed still interested to read ur December Glossy Box post xx

  3. I unsubscribed a few months back & I'm glad I did seeing how poor the boxes are getting. The Boudoir Prive box is getting similar to GB too with the same products & brands. I may subscribe to the Carmine box as that one seems to have more make-up products & seems better overall.

    Shame about GB as they were doing so well the first few boxes!


  4. well that's just typical :p literally 5 minutes after subscribing to glossy box and getting all excited I've just seen this, wish i'd seen it first! haha, but then again I'm very curious, hope I'm pleasantly surprised when i see mine !



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