Thursday 29 December 2011

Christmas Goodies

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Although I didn't over-indulge on the alcohol, I definitely made up for it in the food department. Over indulging doesn't even cover it, and I'm definitely not getting on the scales till the new year now. I don't think I've had a proper meal since my Christmas dinner, that tells you how much snacking I've been doing *blushes*

I've been enjoying reading over what everyone has received for Christmas so much so that I decided to show what I got. The majority of what you see is from my boyfriend, who has spoilt me rotten as always.

Whats included:
Fluffy dressing gown
Gift Voucher for Boots
Dollars for Vegas
Fujifilm Finepix camera, camera case, mini tripod, memory card and screen protectors (phew!)
Nintendo Wii Mario Kart bundle (Yes, I know I'm about 5yrs late jumping on the band wagon!)
Just Dance 3, Rayman Raving Rabbits and Zumba Wii games
Vera Wang Princess gift set
Beyonce gift set
Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation
Take That Progress Tour Live on DVD (we went to the concert and they filmed on the night we were there so we're in the process of trying to spot ourselves at the front!)
'I Heart Vegas' book by Lindsey Kelk
A costume ring and hair slide
A mini eyeshadow palette
Nail file from Avon
Thorntons Chocs (the only ones I received this yr, thank god!)
A cute little vintage wooden drawer set that I could store jewellery in?
Items from the 'Country Range' collection from Avon - if you like the floral shabby chic design then this is for you.. it's like a spin off from Kath Kidston but cheaper, obviously! Most of the items aren't in the photo but I received a cute little pot with a padded lid, a floral hand towel and flannel (the towel is folded neatly on my dressing table to prevent any stainage to the white wood!). 3 cute padded hearts with scent inside them which I've hung around my make-up room. I also got a purse with a floral keyring.
Hanging from the camera is a long vintage style necklace, and to the right of them (although you can't see them) is a pair of cute pearl earrings with diamontes surrounding them.
I also got money and a onesie which isn't in this photo.

Overall I am extremely happy with my gifts. Some of them I asked for, some were surprises.
If you see anything you'd like me to review then feel free to ask.



  1. Aww you got lots of lovely things! Lucky lady! I especially like the wooden draws! I have Just Dance on the wii, it is SO fun! haha. You'll love it! Hope you had a nice day xx

  2. Wow you got lots u must have been very good! Lol. I need to find a case for my camera now too, Thanks for your comment on my blog i did reply but bit annoying i can't reply directly to you. xx

  3. Great gifts! I love Wii :) x

  4. I love Vera Wang Princess.. what nice gifts!! I can't wait to start I Heart Vegas!! xx


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