Monday 19 December 2011

Glossybox - Christmas Edition

I think everyone was excited to see what GB had in store for us for our Christmas box.
It arrived in a very festive red shiny box, complete with white shredding paper inside (as opposed to the usual black). The red & white together really did remind me of Father Christmas!

Inside the box were 6 products -

Deborah Lippmann nail varnish in 'Razzle Dazzle' - Full size £16
Polish Remover Finger Mitt - £14 (pack of 6)
Rituals Foaming Shower Gel - £6.50
Bionova Eye Wrinkle Treatment - Full size - £43
Blink & Go Eyeshadow & Blush Palette - £14.95
Cargo Lip Gloss

The shower gel is full size and smells absolutely gorgeous. You need to be careful when squirting this.. I was trying to 'test' the smell in my living room, and it ended up shooting across the other side of the room, landing on my Christmas tree and making a nice line of shower gel across my carpet! haha. The same happened when I was in the shower, so be careful! The shower gel itself is the creamiest I've ever used, it's so luxurious. I'd love to repurchase this but at £6.50 a pop, I'm not sure if I can justify that amount on one shower product.

The nail varnish is so pretty and festive with the glitter. Its a gorgeous red-y pinky purple, if that colour even exists? The size is perfect too, being inbetween a mini and full size product. I'm a massive nail polish fan so I was delighted with this. I haven't tried it yet so can't comment on the lasting effect but if anyone is interested I could always give a review. It also came with a Deborah Lippmann nail varnish remover mitt. I've never tried one of these before so quite looking forward to seeing how it works!

Saving the best till last! This is what I was most pleased with. I've been gathering a few palettes together over the past few months that contain eyeshadows that would create both a smokey and a golden/brown eye, ready for my trip to Vegas. It isn't for another 9 months yet, but I'm slowly getting ideas together because I intend to do a lot of shopping, so I'm learning how to pack lightly (for a holiday that includes a wedding!). This little beauty is perfect because as well as the eyeshadows it also has 2 blushers which will help limit the amount of make-up that I take. They all are very pigmented and the compact also includes a mirror which will come in handy on the plane! I noticed some people received the mascara in replace of this, but I'm glad I got this.

The product I was a little envious with that a lot of people seemed to have received was the MeMeMe face base. I got the Bionova eye wrinkle cream instead, but I suppose we can't have it all! I received some Bionova face serum a few months back and it seems this stuff is highly liked. GB seem to have a habit of sending me ageing products. I'm 26, and although I'm 'getting on', I still don't feel old enough to begin using them. Although maybe the earlier you start, the better for your skin? Something I need to research I think before I decide to pass on yet another ageing product to my mum!

Last but not least is the lipgloss. It's a nice nude colour with pink undertones, and the perfect size for travelling. This product doesn't overly excite me, simply because I've got many lipglosses in all different shades and a lot of lipglosses are the same to me, despite their brand. In the last year I've become more of a lipstick/lip balm kinda girl (whether thats an age thing I don't know?) so I'm slowly starting to get rid of my glosses. Either way, its a nice little extra to keep in your handbag when you feel like you need that pop of colour on one of your duller days (or as I call them, ugly days!).

Definitely will get good use out of all (or most!) of these products (need to do my research first about the ageing products!)

Hope everyone was happy with what they received!


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  1. I love rituals!! They have some really good products!



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