Monday 20 February 2012

February's Glossybox - 'The Fashion Week'

For once someone was at home when my GB arrived so I'm not the last one to blog about it, so hopefully this is all fresh to you!

As always, everything was a surprise to me in this month's box. I try so hard not to read facebook feeds, and avoid all early blogging about it!

This months box (if you haven't gathered by the title) is all about keeping yourself glamourous in gruelling long hour days. Its all about multi-tasking with products when you are on the go.


Dr Bonner Magic Liquid Soap. A Combination of organic extra virgin coconut, olive, jojoba and hemp oils, together with pure essential oils.
Como Shambhala Body Lotion. A revitalising blend of essential oils that puts you in a perfectly uplifted mood.
Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Relaxing Balm. Intense hydrating treatment for your hair.
DUWOP Venom Gloss in 'buttercup'. Combining subtle tinted lipgloss with DuWop's lip venom to create venom gloss.
BM Beauty Pure Mineral Eyeshadow. Award winning pure mineral eyeshadow. Cruelty free and suitable for vegeterians and vegans.


Dr Bonner Magic Liquid Soap - I thought this was some sort of hand sanitizer at first, so I could see myself getting some use out of it. However upon reading the (very long winded!) instructions, it appears you still need to dilute this with water. However on the upside, it appears you can use this as a facial pack, for your scalp or body. I haven't used this yet (I'm finding the instructions very 'jumbly' and off putting to read!), however it smells nice. It states it has coconut in it, however I'm getting a very strong smell of almond. Anyone else? This is the only 'multi-tasking' product I can see in my box in regards to this months theme.

Como Shambhala Body Lotion - To me, just your average body lotion. Has a herbal woody scent to this, so for those that are more into sweet smelling products, this probably isn't for you. However it absorbs into the skin quickly and leaves it feeling smooth and refreshed.

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Relaxing Balm - I have yet to try this but am super excited as I don't think I have tried any Paul Mitchell products for a number of years now. My hair needs all the treatment it can get so I'm willing to try anything!

DuWop Lipgloss - Nothing special about this lipgloss. It offers a nice sheen to the lips along with a tingling sensation. The 'flavour' is nice, it took me a while to put my finger on what it reminded me of, but I've decided on bubblegum and peppermint mixed together! It glides on your lips easily however I found it a little thick. There is stickiness there too but nothing too unbearable. Nice to stick in my handbag for touch ups but nothing outstanding.

BM Beauty mineral eyeshadow in 'Platinum Tiara' - this item didn't really excite me. I have a tonne of eyeshadows, including mineral ones. I've never heard of this brand before however the colour is pretty. I'm glad I didn't get the pink one like some did. This is a lovely grey-ish brown-ish colour with silver undertones. As with all mineral eyeshadows, the consistency is lovely to work with, being very velvety and light to work with, leaving you with a gorgeous sheen to the lids. Although I do have a lot of eyeshadows, this will be a good one for travelling, helping me to create a smokey eye.

Overall views

I'm not overly impressed with this months box. The main reason being because I was given a repeat product (Como Shambhala I'm looking at you!) from a few months ago, which I was not happy with. I thought the idea was to sample new products. It's as if GB are running low on sponsors therefore resorted back to an old company. Not good.
I will however say that in terms of variety, this is quite a good box. It has ticked the main boxes - body, hair and cosmetics.
The item I was most excited about was the Paul Mitchell relaxing balm. The lipgloss and eyeshadow are nothing out the ordinary, although I think the main concept behind the eyeshadow being that it is cruelty free and suitable for vegeterians and vegans (which if I'm honest, none of that really bothers me). The 'magic' soap.. ok, we've never received soap before, and it can double up as numerous things for the hair/body, but I will sample it as a soap first before I decide on my next move! Possibly another good one to take travelling if you are unsure if the hotel provides soap (yes, some don't!).

What are your views on this months box?

On a side note, the little card included 'Expect the unexpected' mystery box....intriguied! More will be revealed on Feb 24th apparently!



  1. I got the Impress manicure And the Paul Mitchell quick slip. I'm pleased with my box, I love the lip gloss. Great post!
    New follower!


    1. I'm jealous that you got nail art, I would have much preferred that!
      Thanks for following too! :-D

  2. I was really disappointed with this box :(

    Sarah xx

    1. Me too.. it seems they have alternate good and bad months.. wasn't impressed with my repeat product!

  3. Is everyone getting the mystery box thing? I wont get my box for agessss its been delivered to my mums. Your sig is nearly same as mine on my blog lol! xxx

    1. So it is! hehe
      Re the mystery box, I haven't a clue, they're not letting much on at the mo! Whether you have to pay for it, or it's March's box, I'm not sure x

  4. What is the mystery box all about - do all subscribers receive it or is it an extra one they want us to pay for? I'm confused!!

    P.s. I got exactly the same box as you and was a bit "meh" about it, the eyeshadow is nice but not keen on anything else. I like Paul Mitchell products but I have fine hair so I doubt this would do anything for my hair :-(

    1. I really haven't got a clue.. all I know is that they are revealing one letter every day, and whether you have to make up a word with all the letters once they have been revealed for a clue to the mystery box I don't know. As for whether we have to pay for it or not, I don't know that either (not v.good am I?!).

    2. haha thats ok, I didn't have a clue either!! Apparently we are all reeiving the box which is an affiliation with Harrods....I must say I'm intrigued! Fingers crossed its a good'un! x


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