Sunday 5 February 2012

GlossyBox - Valentines Edition

This is probably old news to most of you now. I’m always annoyingly late receiving my glossybox because me and my boyfriend are always at work when it arrives, then I always seem to have a problem with the post depo just lately when I attempt to collect it so it prolongs the suspense (and not in a good way!). Subsequently, I’m late posting about it and by now you would have seen a hundred and one photo’s of what people received, so I expect this post to be neglected. Bless it. However, I’m still going to post it, simply for my ‘box of memories’.

Woah, what a long-winded intro!

Ok, I’ve seen mainly 2 varieties of the contents this week, and also varying opinions (as always!).


Eyeko skinny eyeliner in ‘Dover Grey’
Clarins extra firming night cream
Clarinis extra firming day cream
FAB Body Moisturiser (although for some reason my card states body wash)
MURAD Hybrids skin perfecting primer – dewy finish


Firstly I LOVE the colour of the box… you know when you smell something so good that you could eat it but are obviously not meant to… well this is what this colour does to me! The heart sticker and GB rock sweet were a cute little touch too.

MURAD face primer - I’ve been after a new face primer for a while now, so this was perfect timing. I’m a little apprehensive on the ‘dewy finish’ because my skin creates enough oil to give a free ‘dewy finish’ so I don’t need any more! I’m used to a thick velvet textured primer, so this looking and feeling like liquid foundation is a little scary! However I’m looking forward to sampling this properly.

Eyeko skinny eyeliner – This has a crazy long handle and half a pencil of product which is kinda annoying! The handle is used for precise definition, however I've tried using the handle and can't get on with it. IMO to gain precise definition you have to hold it close to the nib to have complete control (just like a pen!) so this makes no sense to me. There were 6 colours to receive, and reading some blogs, I’m glad I received the grey pencil as opposed to the midnight blue and powder pink. After swatching, this appears very hard-wearing so won’t be slipping off any time soon. It has a very subtle shimmer intertwined within the product and would create a fantastic smokey eye. Can’t wait to try this out properly.

Eyeko skinny eyeliner

Clarins day/night extra firming cream – Honestly? I’ve never tried any Clarins products however I was extremely pleased to see this brand in my box this month. The products themselves are maybe a little too old for me (I tend to find GB has a tendency to send products for the more mature skin on a regular basis), but I will still sample them.

FAB Body Moisturiser – I’m going to be honest – I have a tonne of body moisturisers now. However after sampling this, I’m liking the thick consistency and how fast the product is absorbed into the skin. There is no scent to it which is a bit of a let down for me as I like my products to leave me with an aroma! However the bottle is the perfect travelling size so I will be putting this in my ‘travel products’ box and it will definitely be travelling to Vegas with me…. The lucky buggar!

Overall I’m quite happy with what I received and will definitely be getting use out of all of them over the next few months.

Were you happy with your contents this month?


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