Thursday 9 February 2012

Mr Lover Lover

The day filled with flowers chocolates and tacky teddies is almost upon us!
Me and my boyfriend don't go OTT. We did a little more in the first couple of years we were together, but as the years are passing by, we are doing less and less. Maybe it's a case of me getting older and not being as bothered and not getting caught up in the social hype of it all, who knows?

Valentines day creates a lot of debate. Some people argue that there shouldn't be a day dedicated to showing the ones we love 'how much' we really love them, because it should be like that every day. For others its a bittersweet day, a reminder of what they once had. For some it can bring bad or sad memories for many reasons.

Either way, here is a selection of potential gifts I chose, and for all the single ladies (put your hands up! Sorry, couldn't resist!) use it as a treat day ;-)

Top Row L-R: 9ct gold crystal heart earrings and pendant set, Thorntons chocolate heart collection, Lush 'PS I love you'
Middle Row L-R: Bea overknee heart tights, Topshop lace balconette bra, Vera Wang Princess Night
Bottom Row L-R: A random bunch of pink roses! MAC sheen supreme lipstick 'behave yourself', a candle-lit bath that I wish was mine!

How will you be spending Valentines day?

Don't also forget that it's a leap year this year which means girls who are tired of waiting for a proposal can take control and do it themselves on February 29th! But lets be honest, which girl would do that?



  1. I wouldn't mind getting any of those gifts!
    Valentines day is such a cute and sweet day I really don't get why some people talk trash about it. Even though I'm single I still celebrate Valentines with one of my best friends. I believe it's a day to treat yourself with whatever you'd like - I'd never just sit at home a pretend it's like any other day.
    Obviously it's that much more special when you have a partner to share it with but I still find it really cute so being single definitely won't stop me from celebrating x

    I really like your blog just stumbled across it :) You've scored yourself another follower x

    Have a lovely Friday!

    1. I agree! Welcome and thanks for following!

  2. I had no idea about the woman being able to propose on the 29th, so strange!
    But you're right, I doubt most woman would do that!
    Cute blog, definitely going to follow <333

  3. Aw valentines day is nice. My boyfriend isn't what you would call romantic, where as me, I buy into all the slushy stuff :)
    I understand where people come from saying you should be able to treat your SO everyday. But we all have days we take them for granted, it's nice to just have a specific day you can spend time together and remember why you love them :)


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