Saturday 11 February 2012

Review: Rituals Shower Gel

Picasa annoyingly wouldn't save my rotated photo of my shower gel, and I refused to put a lop-sided picture up so this photo is a stolen one..

Rituals Shower Gel
It's not often I do reviews but seeing as though I'm coming to the end of the bottle, I thought it deserved a mention.
Most of you will probably recognise it from December's Glossybox (which you can see here). I can honestly say it is sitting very high on my favourites list when it comes to shower/bath products.

Product Description
'This unique foaming shower gel gently cleanses your skin and leaves it silky soft & smooth. Squeeze a small amount of gel into your hand – in contact with water the gel transforms into a rich, relaxing foam.'

I remember having a little bit of an issue with this gel at first.. it didn't seem to want to be used! I had a little squirt (as you do) when I opened my GB in my living room. All of a sudden I heard the Christmas tree make a noise, I looked and the shower gel had travelled a few metres from my feet, hitting the tree giving it a lovely snow effect, and making 2 white lines on the carpet in the process! A similar thing happened when I was in the bath, I went to squirt it (with a flannel over it this time may I add), and again, it jumped over the flannel and right across the room onto the wall. So warning - the pump/spray, whatever you wanna call it, its powerful!

The gel itself... well.. what can I say? It is the most creamiest shower gel I have ever used. It starts off as a clear gel like formula, and quickly transforms into a foam, then as you massage it into your body, it builds up into the thickest creamiest white lather I have ever seen. It feels so luxurious on the skin and leaves it feeling extra smooth. The formula and transformation process reminds me of shaving gel. I can imagine that would bother some people but it didn't me...

GB were dishing out a variety of scents and I received it in Indian rose and sweet almond oil. I'm not the best at describing scents, however I will say that it is nice and fresh, with a little bit of sweetness in there (which was probably the almond), but nothing too overpowering. The only negative I have with this shower gel (and this is only personal preference) is that the scent doesn't linger on your skin for very long after you've had a bath/shower. I like my products to leave me with an aroma! But again, personal preference... maybe the other scents were different?

The 200ml bottle has lasted me a long time with probably 1/4 to go. A little gel goes a long way with this product. At £6.50 a pop, although a little pricey just for shower gel (I'm used to spending £2 max on showel gels in supermarkets!) I think I would repurchase this if I was feeling a little flush with cash.

Rituals can be purchased in House of Fraser and John Lewis.
What scent did you receive and were you impressed?

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On a side note - I've got Mon, Tues & Weds off work so a nice long weekend for me! I love time off, it excites me! (Although still no plans for V Day :-( unless he's planning to surprise me!)


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