Sunday 18 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

To all you mummy's out there, Happy Mother's Day!
I'm not a mother myself yet, but I made sure I was armed with gifts for my own mum this morning.

Money has been a little tight just lately, I've been having major car problems, and I ended up getting a speeding fine, being the little girl racer I am (I was doing 5mph over... harsh!) so I have that to pay. The joys of driving eh?! Also with it being my mum's birthday last week, and a chunk of birthdays coming up as well as my MOT, the cash isn't flowing as nicely as I'd like. Sooo I decided to be a little creative, and wrapped up an old glossy box in some pretty wrapping paper, and that was the basis of my mums gifts. I put a mixture of products in it, I admit the Molton Brown shower gel was from the most recent GlossyBox. I wasn't too keen on the smell so I figured why have it hanging around when I could pop it in there? I also bought a cute pink house plant to go with it which you can just see in the photo.

2 products that I included were from L'occatine's Enchanting Princess Cherry Collection that was released for Mother's Day. I think these (or anything from their range) are perfect for the older woman (although I could have easily kept the hand cream myself, it was divine!). The packaging is high quality, some being embossed with a floral pattern, and everything seems so elegant. The handcream retails at £7.50, which although a little on the pricey side, it definitely is worth it. The consistency is lovely and thick but absorbs fast, leaving the hands smelling so fresh with a hint of fruitiness. The silky body gel retails at £18, but this is for 250ml so should last a long time. They have a massive selection on their website and really do make perfect gifts, so go check them out!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day whatever you may be doing.


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