Monday 2 April 2012

Weekly round-up ft. OOTD & NOTD

So I've had a lovely long weekend off work and although I haven't done a great deal, it hasn't been too quiet either. I've managed to fit in a meal out, a couple of shopping trips, the dreaded cars MOT, my boyfriend's nephews birthday tea party, organising my make-up room and house chores. Not bad for 5 days off if you ask me!

I finally made a few purchases for myself a couple of days ago, cheap ones at that mind you, but nonetheless I was still happy with what I got.

The chiffon blouse was purchased from Primark for £10. I really like the spearmint colour for spring. Although on this photo it makes me look a little bigger than what I actually am! The skinny jeans are from Dorothy Perkins and although you can't tell in this photo, they are a lighter denim blue than what I usually go for. The shoes are a couple of years old and I haven't a clue where they are from! The bag is another recent purchase from Primark for around the £6-£8 mark.

The bag is a crocodile type print which I like, and once opened this is very similar to a box bag due to it being pretty deep but not very wide. However I can easily fit all my essentials in here.

To go with the spearmint attire I decided on spearmint nails too! This photo doesn't show its true colours but this colour was an identical match with my top. As for the nail art, I used my new Models Own nail art pen.. I don't quite know what look I was trying to achieve but I weirdly kinda liked the result.

And last but not least I invested in 2 polishes to add to my already humongous collection. I'm not a massive fan of Miss Sporty polishes, they tend to need one too many coats for my liking, and tend to be a little streaky, however I've been eyeing up the one on the right for months now. You know when you get an extra yummy smelling bubblebath you just want to eat? Well I get that with colours too, and just wanna eat the blue one! I also spotted the glitter one with flecks of predominantely blue in (which go into a whole new range of other colours once the light catches it). I have tried this out and it's pretty hard to get an even coverage of the glitter on your nails which is annoying for those impatient nail artist wannabes like me! However still pretty to look at nonetheless.

My ears are burning, someone must be talking about meee!

Last but not least, me giving my boyfriend some therapy in the name of ear candling. For those that don't know what this is, no I'm not some religious weirdo, and no I'm not secretly trying to burn his ear off (or anything else for that matter!). It is an alternative medicine practise to help health and general well being. It is meant to help your sinus' and clear your ears of any blockages (i.e. that yucky stuff that is wax).

Back to work tomorrow! *Groan* although I'm on a first aid training course all day so I'm kinda looking forward to that!

Hope everyone made the most of the sun! Back to the winter woolies by the sounds of the weather, boo!


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  1. I love the colour of you blouse it looks gorgeous on too hunny :)
    the bag looks so vintage :) love it xx


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