Friday 20 July 2012

Week 1: WeightWatchers Weigh in!

So I've survived my first week of WW, go me!

I'll be honest, I haven't found it easy, nor hard. Just in-between. The first few days I noticed that I had reduced my portions by over half and was getting full really quickly.

My 1st official day of WW I was at a conference in Harrogate for the day and was dreading it due to it being a 'buffet lunch'. I had visions in my head of really tasty sandwiches, sausage rolls, crisps, basically all the finger food you can imagine. Luckily it was nothing like that. Because of the amount of people that were there, they came up with an 'allowance' that each person could have (i.e. 2 sandwiches, 1 bag of crisps, 1 cake, 1 piece of fruit and a drink). I was SO good - I had 1 sandwich (that was in fact half a bread bun), 1 banana and a bottle of water. I found it really hard to bypass the cake but I did it! I would have normally taken a few of my own healthy snacks but due to only joining WW the night previous, I didn't have time to go food shopping!

Meal planning has been the tedious part. If I'm honest, it kinda bores me. Possibly because I'm doing it after work and I'm tired, but the way the timing falls, I meal plan for the following week as soon as I get in from my weigh-in (which is also after work). Not only do I have to search for meals, but I have to coincide this with a shopping list which I do at the same time. Thinking about trying to accomodate for my boyfriend as well, it can get a little difficult, but I'm getting there!
I have been using WW e-source which is really helpful at meal planning and coming up with recipes that I never thought of (I'm really not adventurous in the kitchen!).

I'm allowed 26 points a day (which is the minimum anyone can have). On top of this you also get 49 weekly points, which are usually kept aside for social events or just a weekly pig out or whatever you wanna call it! You aren't forced to use these but they do come in handy if you are going for meals/drinks out, or have a social event! I think I used about 30 of my weekly points this week.

I have complied a little chart that I have named my 'Celebration Targets' - here I have chosen important social events that are coming up within the next few months (i.e. birthdays, hen parties, weddings). I've then given myself a realistic target that I want to achieve by that date. This is working as my motivation tool at the minute, which I feel like everyone needs when dieting. As many of you know, my biggest target is Vegas/Bridesmaid in September.

Towards the end of the week, I got a bit obsessive with my weight, jumping on the scales every morning for the past 3 mornings, not good! I began to get miffed when the scales werent budging, even though I was sticking to my points.

Exercise wise I have certainly done more this week than I have in a good month or so. I've done 2 dancing work-outs on the Wii for 30mins, a session of boxercise (I have a punch-bag in my garage), along with some intense skipping! Most times I find it really hard to motivate myself to do exercise because I work Mon-Fri, and I'm beginning to think I've got a fatigue problem which tends to kick in mid afternoon and remain with me till I go to sleep, so that doesn't help! However I have been pushing myself to do more, even though sometimes its late at night.

Ok, so now the bit you're all waiting for....

My total loss for my 1st week is 2.5lb. Feelings? If I'm honest, I am kinda disappointed with this, the fact that I stuck to everything and exercised. Although I think I'm secretly comparing it to my friends first weigh-in of a 4lb loss. But I keep telling myself that everybodies metabolism and body works differently, and mine soon will hopefully catch up!

Till next time!



  1. 2.5lbs is great! I've been reading up a lot on this sort of thing lately (to see what a realistic target date is for my weight loss) and most places have said that losing around 2lbs a week is healthy, realistic and you're more likely to keep it off! Good luck! xx

  2. Congratulations! 2.5lb is good! In a month that's 10lb! nearly a stone. Don't be disappointed :) I think you've done amazingly. You've inspired me to get off my fat arse (the scales inspired me too :P)

  3. Don't be dissapointed! take babysteps so it will last! I've been on the program since february and lost twelve kilo's that's a half year so around two kilo's a month. nowhere near the '1 kilo a week'slogan, but every little number adds up and at some point you can say 'I lost this amount'and you can be proud of yourself! ( it's a bit hard to explain since I count kilo'sbut I think you get the idea) Keep up the good work and as long as the number is going down on your scale it's a good thing ( not that I'm saying you should loose weight!!)


  4. I've done WW before and it works a treat just stick with it! There will be some weeks where you're disappointed and some where you're over the moon! I'm calorie counting with an app at the moment and its hard work calculating meals so I know how you feel. Stick with it! Xx

  5. Congrats, you're going to do so well!


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