Friday 27 July 2012

Week 2 - Weightwatchers Weigh in!

I got off to a bad start the moment I stepped out of my weigh-in class - I didn't pick up a tracker. For those that don't know, trackers are a little slip/booklet that helps you track your daily points and enables you to write down what you have eaten. Why not use a notebook I hear you say... well, I did but I had to make my own tracking system up and it all got a bit messy and complicated after a few days of tracking and scribbling things out!

Secondly, last Saturday we did a car treasure hunt as part of a staff 'fun day'. At the end of this treasure hunt we were all meeting at a mysterious destination for food and drinks. Both myself and a work colleague (who is also my best friend and on WW too) had prepared for a healthy option on whatever restaurant menu that was presented. This destination ended up being at our directors house, complete with BBQ food, Pimms & Lemonade, homemade (to-die-for) cheesecake... need I go on? I did myself proud and stocked up on salad, one burger in a bun, one scrummy cheese filled flat mushroom and some other tiny bits. I managed to bypass the cheesecake (which I was pretty proud of because my friend never, which made me feel even better!). I will admit, I could have eaten loads more, and I wasn't really full... but this diet is learning me not to need to be full.

Fast forward a few days and I have a training morning at work. There were small sweet prizes going round. 1 bag of the mini haribo cola-bottles. Yeah, fair enough, you probably get a measley 8 in a pack, but thats not the point, I ate them. Then followed a pretty large boiled lolly which was delish (and made my tongue turn blue!). I could taste it was full of sugar but I still ate it, mainly because it was almost dinner and I was hungry (not that a lolly would fill me up!)

On top of all that, I have been eating WW recipes, but adapting some of the ingredients to more naughtier foods simply because I couldn't find them in the supermarket (i.e. I was hunting for WW soft cheese and chive everywhere, but had to settle for a more fattening soft cheese). My exercise intake has been limited, either because I've been too tired/busy, or a headache kicks in right before I need to exercise (for some reason I suffer with them around tea-time). Overall I managed to fit in only 1.5hrs of wii exercise in (although on a side note, I am kinda enjoying getting back into my dancing games).

I gets to my weigh in last night, actually panicking due to possible embarassment of the fact that this is only my 2nd weigh-in and I either 1) Haven't budged on the scales or 2) Have put weight on. The 2 people that were in front of me both lost 4lb each (which I found bizarre). It was a different leader last night due to mine being on holiday. I heard this new leader joke 'Are my scales the same as [insert leader name]? Everyone's losing weight tonight!' I then trotted up and she says something similar to me, followed by 'Don't let me down!' Pressure or what?! I jumped on and....... had lost 2lb.

Hmm. I'm not sure what to think now. According to my scales at home, I don't think I've budged since last week, been almost positive I hadn't lost, everyone else is losing weight in the queue, a new set of scales that are positioned in a slightly different place... and I lose. It might be true, but I kinda feel cheated. I suppose I'll know next week when the scales go back to the 'old' ones and I put on or stay the same. Especially if I work hard at it this week (which I intend to do).

Week 1 - 2.5lb loss
Week 2 - 2lb loss

Total weight loss - 4.5lb

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