Tuesday 10 July 2012

Welcome to the world of WW!

So in 2 days time WeightWatchers will be my friend for at least the next 3 months.

I have previously mentioned it in passing in other blogs, how my weight is one of my biggest battles in life. I'm not obsese or anything, but a little on the chubby side is how I like to call it.

A quick weight story - I started uni at 18, this is the last time I can remember fitting into size 8 clothes. As the years progressed and my stint at uni turned into 5 years, I gradually put the weight on. This wasn't due to a typical student lifestyle consisting of purely alcohol, or even heaps and heaps of junk food. I lived with a male friend for the 5 years and I began getting into a routine of having the same size portions as him. I can't remember well and truly bingeing out on junk food on a constant basis. I have always had a sweet tooth (I'm partial to a bit of cake or a chocolate bar) but I can never remember it being a huge problem. I used to do a fair amount of walking to and from uni so I think I could have put a lot more weight on sooner if it wasn't for the exercise. Fast forward to graduation where I was 10st. I remember getting on the scales and thinking how that sounded so heavy. Looking back, I'd love to be 10st again!
Moving back home and getting a new boyfriend is where my weight began to creep up. I got comfortable and settled into a 9-5 job. I used to go to my boyfriends house, visit the supermarket and spent approx £5 on pure crap. £5 probably doesnt seem a lot, but you go to a supermarket and see what you could possibly get with your money, then imagine eating all that in one night, you'll see what I mean! This became a weekly ritual - stock up on yummy food and pig out infront of a movie.
My boyfriend began to put weight on too, but our habits continued. It's not till I'd put on another stone that it began to really bother me. I'm pretty small so I don't carry it all that well.
Fast forward 4 years and we move in together (summer 2011). I tell myself that my eating habits will change as I have control over what I eat. Wrong. I have control therefore I eat what I want. I can't just have 1 bag of crisps, I have to have 2 or 3 in a row. I can't just have 2 biscuits to dip in my tea, I have to have 6 or 7, or till I feel sick. I have been on numerous diets - Slimming World, Weightwatchers (I was even paying for WW but not turning up to the classes.. insane!), Atkins Diet, Special K diet, I've spent £30+ on 'special green tea teabags' and diet pills from a chinese herbal shop, I have tried bikini diets, you name it, I've probably done it. I'll stick it for a few days, weeks even, lose weight, and then my willpower will fade and I'll give into that chocolate bar or slice of cake thats eyeing me up. Exercise is another big problem. I'm lazy. By the time I get in from work, have my tea, I'm ready to hit the sack! However, in my time, I've had gym memberships, attended classes, gone on bike rides, recently spent £50 on a punchbag for my garage to do some boxing (as I've heard thats fantastic at shredding the pounds). However, give it a few weeks and I 'get bored' and stop.

Story of my life.

I'm now at 11st 8lb. I used to be private about my weight, but I may as well tell you as I've decided to take you on my WW (weightwatchers) journey with me, so lets be honest from the beginning.

My brother is getting married in Las Vegas in just over 2 months time. Since the new year I have been telling myself I need to lose weight for it as I am bridesmaid. I don't want to look the 'fat' one in the photos. These photos will be circled around friends and family for years to come. Not only that but I want to feel confident in the sun, wear pretty sun dresses and not feel conscious. Be able to go swimming, not worrying what anyone else thinks.

Fast forward 7 months and here we are now. My weight hasn't changed since my 'resolution' that I set for the NY. I am going to be that 'dumpy' bridesmaid that will stand out. I am going to be conscious about my arms. If I hate getting them out here in the UK, what am I going to do in Vegas, I can't avoid the heat there!

I have a handful of weeks to play with, and knew that it was now or never. If I try really hard, I can lose a stone by the time I go. Its not my ideal weight, but its something.
I took myself to the nurse last week and got a referral for WW. If my willpower doesnt work this time, then I dont think it ever will.

The key to this diet is planning. Actually, planning is the key to most diets. I've found that if I have a diet plan set out infront of me, I am more liable to follow and stick to it. I've read reviews on the Jenny Craig diet which provides you with meals, all you have to do is stick them in the oven, simples! I'd love a diet like that, but don't love the price! Lack of planning leads to falling off the wagon so I think I will be spending my weekend planning out the next few weeks meals!

If anyone has recently started WW or is on a weightloss journey then give me a shout, I'm all for motivation and encouragement!

To a slimmer and fitter me!



  1. Good luck! Please keep us updated with your progress :) xxx

  2. I think the mind set you have to go in with when trying to lose weight is that you're not trying to diet, you're tweaking your lifestyle slightly.
    Because a diet means you cut out bad food for a while, loose weight, stop & end up putting it back on.
    If you think about it as a lifestyle change, then you're moderating your intakes then you'll loose weight and keep it off.
    Just remember that life isn't worth completely cutting out the cake & chocolate, we've got to have some fun, ey?!
    Good luck with your plans, and enjoy Vegas x

  3. I can relate with the gradual gain in pounds! I feel to heavy and I don't like the extra weight on my thighs, hips, chin and tummy. I'm not overweight but I'm about a stone over what I used to be, and what I felt comfortable at. I've been trying to watch what I eat but since moving in with my boyfriend it's been a lot harder. Managed to loose 6lb before I moved in, now terrified I'll gain it again, but somehow I'll still eat that tub of B&J! :S

    Good luck with you weightloss journey! :)

  4. Joined Slimming World last month, a week before going on an all inclusive holiday - and still managed to lose 4.5lbs while I was away. I'm on my way to a much healthier lifestyle and am lucky to have a good friend supporting me along the way!


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