Wednesday 12 September 2012

Impress Nails Review

I first found out about these nails through Fleur on YT. If you don't know who FleurdeForce is then you are missing out!

A few months later I received a set in my glossybox. Despite them being a colour that I wouldn't have neccesarily chosen, I was still excited to give them a whirl.

I went to a (The) Bodyshop party at the weekend so i thought that would be a good time to give them a whirl.

The first thing that appealed to me was the fact that these were glue-free. I hate applying false nails with glue, I always seem to get it on my fingertips and I'm picking it off hours later. These were applied via a sticky adhesive that was already on the back of the nail, and removing a sticker would reveal this. The second thing I loved about these nails were the glossy finish. The photo below doesn't do the shine any justice.
Now onto the problems I encountered...
Problem 1 The width of the nails. One nail in particular I had to use a larger nail than my nail bed (finger next to my little one in photo above!). In my opinion it was obvious if you looked close enough. On the flipside of this, I do have petite nails, so I do get this a lot with most false nail packs. PS - Brownie points to anyone that spotted the 'dirt' on my little finger; this was infact foundation that I had just applied to my face. Oops!
Problem 2  The adhesive sticker on the back of the nail was often sometimes difficult to remove, coming off in pieces instead, which made it a lot harder to remove when you had applied almost all your nails and only had 2 fingers to go!
Problem 3 I applied these at approximately 9pm on Friday night. I didn't do much from the time of applying to going to bed (maybe on the laptop at the very most). Saturday morning came, I'd had a shower and then this began to happen...
This happened on approximately 2 of the nails. Then several others just became very jaquered in appearance, like they needed a good file!
The ridge from your finger to where the nail begins was quite high, and this drove me insane. Everytime I ran my fingers through my hair, a piece of hair would get caught in the ridge and you'd be left with a bit of hair wedged into your nail. Not pleasant. When showering and washing your hair, this can become a real pain!
By Saturday mid afternoon, one was half hanging off, so I had to glue it with my own nail glue.
Safe to say, by Sunday morning, this were off. They left little residue on my nails and were fairly simple to remove without the addition of any polish remover to help.
It states they should last up to a week when applied properly. I can honestly say I did everything the instructions told me to. I made sure my own nail bed was clean. I then used the cleaning swab included in the kit, then began to apply the nails, pressing down for around 20 seconds which I thought was reasonable.
There were some positives in there, but the negatives far outweighed this, and I would definitely not be repurchasing any of these again.

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