Sunday 9 September 2012

Week 8 - WeightWatchers Weigh in!

A day or so late doing this blog, it completely slipped my mind.

This last week has been very similar to the last few weeks in terms of eating. I haven't been all that mindful! It included a full blown Indian (with all the trimmings), a hen night (so a touch of alcohol), 1 takeaway, and a few chocolate bars (and no, not WW ones!). Once again I made my excuses even before I stepped on the scales. However, somehow on gods earth, I managed to lose 0.5lb. Yeah ok ok, I know its only half a pound. Big deal. But to me it is a big deal when I was adament I had either put on, or at the very least stayed the same as the week previous.

My weight loss is so slow, it brings me up to a total weight loss of 8lbs. But considering I've been doing it 8 weeks now, I could have pushed that up much more. My friend started WW approx 2 weeks before me and she has lost 16lbs so far, so you can see the difference in willpower! Although at least I can establish why I've only lost 8lbs. Not trying hard enough and over-eating. Simples.

I think the last few weeks I've managed to bring back with exercise. If it wasn't for my Just Dance 3, I think I would have easy put a bit back on. So cheers Wii! I aim for approx 1hr of (what I like to call) intense dancing, 4 times weekly. Thats enough for me. Its a chore most times so I don't think I'd be able to squeeze a 5th session in any time soon.


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