Wednesday 26 September 2012

Vivaaaa Las Vegas!

So it goes a little bit like this....



I'm just a smidgen excited! We don't actually fly till tomorrow, but we're leaving today at lunchtime to stay overnight in a hotel at the airport... so it begins.. today!

Sorry I've been absent as of late... I've been shopping, and packing and generally getting things ready, as well as working.

I'll be gone for just over a week but will be back, laden with photos and camera footage ready for you to feast your eyes on. My holiday is going to consist of gambling, a wedding, riding in a hummer limo, Hollywood, lots of shopping and eating scrummy food. Oh, and putting all the weight that I've lost back on. Yay.

Not to rub it in or anything but.. I'm so glad I'm escaping the sudden change in temperature! Although it'll hit me twice as hard when I come back.. but lets not think about that now eh?!

Till next time...


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  1. Ahhh amazing! Have fun! I look forward to seeing your pics :) xx


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