Tuesday 16 October 2012

Huge A/W Primark Haul!

A few days ago I went into a nearby city because my boyfriend was getting tattooed (ick!). I decided I wasn't going to sit there for 3 hours and watch him bleed, so I used my time wisely and went shopping!

I bought a tonne of stuff from Primark, and thought theres no better way to show you everything than for you to watch it via a video, as opposed to photos, as you never really get a proper feel for them through images.

Although sometimes not the best quality, Primark is the best place to stock up on clothes, and if you dig hard enough, you can come away with some good buys!
I do record Primark hauls on a regular basis so if you are interested, head over to my YT channel and come subscribe.

Hope everyone's having a fab week!


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