Thursday 18 October 2012

Bath & Body Works: Sweet on Paris

On my recent trip to the US, one thing I certainly had on my shopping list was Bath & Body Works. I hear so much about this shop from American Youtubers that I couldn't wait to enter for the first time.

On the run up to my holiday I was watching certain American hauls, specifically so I could make a little shopping list on anything that took my fancy. For whatever reason, this shopping list was only created in my head and not on paper, so when I entered the shop, my mind was a blank, so I was going in blind.

They had a buy 3 for 2 on some of their signature collections. One thing I didn't like was nothing was price tagged (which I found a regular occurence in Vegas). If money was flowing like water then it wouldn't bother me, but I obviously had a budget. So that, along with the heaviness of the products (had to think about my suitcase weight when travelling back) I was reluctant to go overboard.

I came away with 3 products, and I can honestly say I am in love with 2 of them. Well ok, 1 of them (2 are the same :-p)

Welcome to Sweet on Paris!

This is THE best body lotion I have EVER smelt. Like, seriously. It smells like all different sweets rolled into one. The lotion is a pale blue (which I found a little intimidating at first!). But once the thick, creamy lotion is rubbed in you're left smelling divine all day. My OH isn't really bothered about my products, every time I show him something I kinda get the 'yeah, whatever' reply, but even he commented on how gorgeous the smell is.

It's that good that I ended up getting 2 of them. I almost got a 3rd (with the deal) but started to think 'what if I get bored of the scent after a while cos I'm using it that much' so I completed my offer with Paris Amour.

The bottle is cute, with a gold metallic top and a parisian vintage style design on the bottle. This has already taken centre position in my dressing room!

I will have to say though, if you're not a sweet sugary person in terms of scents, this probably wont be for you.

I think this is a current best seller (although I was unaware when buying). It's not till I got to the till that the girl said how this is becoming very popular.

I was so tempted to buy some of their 3 wick candles but obviously had to allow for other shopping as it was only the start of my holiday! Maybe next time I'll bring an empty suitcase ;-)

We're going to Florida next June, so I'm going to try and make these last me till then, where I can stock up on more!

Price - $11 per bottle.


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