Tuesday 20 November 2012

Batiste - Paisley Print

You can always bank on Batiste for having funky designs on their packaging, and the latest few are no exception.

This pretty paisley print can of dry shampoo is very pleasing to the eye, and the hair!

I'm not sure whats happening with my own barnett, but its getting very greasy, very quickly. Second day hair definitely needs batiste in order to see it through the day without looking too shabby.

A few weeks ago, for halloween I dressed up as some freaky spider woman. I sprayed my hair with a can of batiste (in order to achieve a grey cobweb look!). Oh.my.god. My hair was a dream for days afterwards. I think I went about 3-4 days without washing it (which was a dream for me! While the chance was there, I was going to take it!). I think I could have easily gone another day or two but I began to feel a bit of a scruff! Admittedly I did use A LOT of batiste but I can safely say it definitely did the job!

This smells yummy too, although I'm no good at explaining smells, so I'll just leave you with the word 'fruity' !

Batiste is a huge part of my hair care routine and I don't know where I'd be without it now. (Ok, yes I do, I'd be going through the chore of washing and drying my hair every.single.night. Yawn!).

*PR sample

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