Monday 19 November 2012

A Baby Shower & Bump Painting!

Yesterday I went to my friends surprise baby shower, and got to see her baby bump being painted by a hired face painting pro. Good job my friend isn't the embarassed type, having her stomach out to 20+ people!

Not sure if you can tell but this is a snow globe design! My friend got to pick out of loads of fab designs and settled with a festive one, as the baby is due in a couple of weeks.
These 2 pieces formed part of her baby shower present and were both from Matalan for £7. The white one is my fave, it was super soft and cuddly and had a really cosy thick lining, ready for the winter. I wanted one myself!

My friend loved this bib! Even though I haven't got children myself, I'm aware that its important to make sure that any children you already have don't feel neglected/pushed out/jealous, so I thought this was a great way to make him feel included. I purchased this from eBay from jomillett87 for under £4 (inc P&P).

I want to wish my friend all the luck for the delivery (she's having her first C-Section!) and I can't wait to meet little Oscar!


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