Saturday 17 November 2012

November's Jolie Box - 'Beauty in the City'

2 days after my Glossybox arrives, the Joliebox comes... in a perfect world they'd be spread out over the month, but we can't have everything, can we?

This is only my second Joliebox, and each time they've come with more than I expected. This month there was a couple more (what I call) proper sample sizes. The other 4 are perfect sizes (1 being a full-size product).


Manucure Absolue Hand Cream. This was in a small sachet, and I'm glad. You'll understand that more if you read my glossybox review. (I'm basically trying to trawl my way through my ever-growing hand cream stash, to then only be given more through beauty boxes). So this sample will be gone in one sitting, thank god!

Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream. This is kinda similar to the above. Its a sachet, and one to add to my ever-growing pile of BB creams. I only received one the other day through GB (DR Jarts) and I'm so excited to use that (although its a decent size so I'll be keeping that till my summer holiday).

Topicrem Sparkling Body 3D effect moisturiser. Although the packaging looks fairly cheap this is quite a nice product. It reminds me of Cocoa Palmers Body Gloss. It smells nice and has flecks of shimmer in (not that subtle, may I add), so this is one I'll probably use around Christmas time.

Dead Sea Spa Magik Facial Wash. I explored this brand via GB when they first started out. I remember receiving some body scrub which I was pretty impressed with, so I'm quite excited to try this out!

Yardley Royal English Daisy Perfume. A sample size perfume that I knew instantly from the brand wasn't going to be for me. With one whiff, I knew it was more for my nanna than me. I shall be passing this on unfortunately.

Galenco SOS Repair Balm. I have quite a few lip balms on the go at the mo because of the weather, however I know this will definitely come in because I use them all year round. Although the packaging is pretty simple, I have tried this and it glides on your lips like a dream. So so soft and smooth. Really feels like it hydrates and soothes. Smells like a basic lip balm but definitely one I will use.

L'Occitane Hydration face cream. I know this brand is fairly popular, and I have tried a few of their things before so I was quite pleased to see this in my box. However I am a little dubious about using creams on my face because they tend to make me break out, or just make me really oily. Yet again, I have quite a few face products beginning to pile up, so I'm gonna have to work my way through them! I will give this a go, I maybe surprised!

Overall, I will admit, nothing really gave me the wow factor this month. I am looking forward to trying a few of the products but nothing made me squeel with excitement upon first glance. 2/3 of the items I received, I only received a few days ago through GB. Obviously not the same brands but the same product (if that makes sense?). I can feel a 'Mission: use-up-all-sample-sizes-before-you-buy-any-more-products' task coming on!

Were you happy with this months JB?


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