Friday 7 December 2012

'My best holiday'

**This is a competition entry.**

As previously stated, in the back end of September I went to Vegas. You never knew I went there? Really? ;-)

I've been lucky enough to travel to quite a few countries in my life so far. I remember when I was younger, my dad pulled me out of school three times, yes, THREE times in one year to go on holiday. Of course I was the envy of all my friends. Although now you'd probably get a telling off and a fine for doing such a thing. How times change...

After a much long-anticipated wait, September 2012 finally arrived and before I knew it, we were up in the air, flying to Vegas, all 22 of us. All 22 I hear you say? Yep.. my brother was about to tie the knot and he managed to persuade 22 people to pay to come to Vegas to watch him in all his glory. I was kindly chosen to be bridesmaid so it was a privilege to be a part of it all. (Although I think he would have known about it if I wasn't in the bridesmaid line up!)

When people hear the words Vegas and Wedding in the same sentence, they immediately think one thing. Tacky. wedding. chapel. No no no, it wasn't that. At all. Far from it actually, but I'll get onto that shortly..

The day began with me and the other bridesmaid heading to the brides hotel room for a full on hair and beauty session, complete with champagne.. it's gotta be done! After a few hours of total relaxation (ok, maybe not for the nervous bride...) it was time to head down to Caesars Palace. The bride and groom had a honeymoon suite booked there for one night, and was lucky enough to get upgraded because they had double-booked (although personally I think it was my niece's cheeky smile that swayed the receptionist to an upgrade!). Overnight bags were dropped off and we then made our way down to the wedding garden, with father of the bride in tow. The bride nervously climbed into her dress, and then the music began...

 The wedding was set in a very serene and elegant hotel garden. Imagine stone white benches for the guests, and palm tree's hanging over with the sun flickering through, romantic music softly playing in the I setting the scene well? No? Ok, well heres a few photos...
Brides family

Mother of the bride and bride & grooms daughter.


As you can see, no tacky wedding chapel in sight! Even though it was so close to the Vegas strip, it really did feel like you were a million miles away from all the chaos of the city.

The most loveliest of vows were exchanged and a bunch of creative photos were taken. The bride and groom then had an hour alone with the photographer to take more photos around the grounds, whilst the guests treat themselves to a well deserved chilled beverage... after all, 104 degree heat and suits don't mix very well!

After the photos, the blushing bride blushed more than she was expecting, after fainting... Cor, was married life already taking its toll?!

 We then jumped in a hummer limousine, the music was turned up a notch, champagne was flowing freely and everyone was genuinely having a good time, bopping in their seats to the music, even my 2 year old niece!

My niece, attempting to live Vegas' rock'n'roll lifestyle in the hummer!

We arrived at the famous Vegas sign and more photos were taken, tacky but a kind of 'bucket list' photo destination. Jumping back in the limousine for the ride to Maggiano's, a gorgeous Italian Restaurant on the strip. A private room had been hired and the most delicious food was served. After several helpings of food and one too many cocktails, the speeches were done, which created roars of laughter all round, which I think is important at weddings!

Resorting back to my hotel room, I reflected on the day, and realised it went above and beyond my expectations of a Vegas wedding. Although I personally would never get married in Vegas, it was a fantastic day and something I wouldn't hesitate doing all over again.

We were only in Vegas for one week, and within this week we had to cram in a wedding and a day to California.This consisted of visiting Santa Monica beach, Beverly Hills and shopping time in Rodeo Drive (not that I had Rodeo Drive money!). We also got up close and personal to the famous Hollywood sign (another 'bucket list' photo destination!).

Overall this definitely has to be one of the better holidays I've had! Action packed and full of excitement, the only thing we missed out on is a helicopter ride over the canyon... next time Vegas, next time....


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