Sunday 16 December 2012

December's Glossybox 'Bedazzled'

I was super excited when I was greeted with my GB a few days ago.
I was even more excited when I saw the glossy silver box, and moreeee excited when I opened and saw pretty star paper. The contents, however, were in my eyes, mediocre.

I got 6 items, however one was a small perfume sample, and the other was one of Glossybox's cosmetics, which I don't like to count in my '5 item' rule, because sometimes I feel its their way of bumping the quantity up, and, without offending them (although I'm sure they'll never read this!) I just feel like they have jumped on the cosmetics wagon in a cheap and failed way.


Rituals Magic Touch whipped body cream. I really did like Rituals shower foaming cream, so I'm looking forward to trying something else from their brand and this sounds like a rather luxurious product. A nice 70ml tube too (which is worth £5) so theres enough to try to decide if to invest in the real McCoy.

Seche Nail Laquer 'Simplicity'. This was majorly disappointing for me, but only a personal level. The colour is... yuck. Thats the only word I can think of right now. As soon as I saw it it reminded me of the colour of concealer or foundation. I received a polish from mememe (which Im almost sure was from GlossyBox) a few months ago, and it was a very similar colour to this, I disliked this, but gave it a go to see if I could change my mind, but nope, it looked horrid on my nails, so this is definitely one I wont be using. I can't even think of anyone to pass this onto because I can't imagine many people liking this. The formulation sounds wonderful, but colour comes before quality sometimes. I haven't seen any other colours knocking around the blogging world yet (simply because I havent looked), although the one in the GB leaflet looks a lot more appealing than this one.

Sleek True Colour Sheen lipstick. Mines in the shade candy cane, and this has got to be my most favourite product out the lot. It has a gorgeous creamy texture that glides on the lips perfectly. The colour is pretty vibrant, a bright pink colour, but with a strange (yet effective) red/orange undertone. I only tend to wear bright lips on nights out but either way, me likes.

Lemon, by Mary Greenwell (Eau De Parfum). We've received something from this woman before. I am a lemon fan though, lemon desserts, drinks, and I've been known to own a few lemon scented beauty products in my time. This is ok - not something I'd buy, but its a sample that I will throw in my handbag and use as a freshen up throughout the day at work. But once its gone, its gone.

Ayuuri Natural - Turmeric & Bergamot Face Wash. My first thought on seeing this? Cheap. This is a full size product (200ml) and is worth £4.99, but it kinda looks like something my dad would bring back from his holidays in Thailand... some dodgy cheap product. The scent instantly reminded me of the spice, turmeric. It is aimed at blemished skin so I will be interested to see if it does what 'it says on the tin'. I have been using this for a few days now and I am quite happy with the results so far. It leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh after use. Whether it will help to fight blemishes though I don't know..

Glossybox Blusher (Rosewood). I've just swatched this on my hand and it doesnt look very pigmented at all. It looks like you'd have to use a lot of product in order to notice it. Its matte with no real colour to it, and probably something I'm going to throw to the back of my drawer for it to only see daylight on fancy dress or 'lets give my little niece a makeover' days. GB - Stick to what your best at, beauty boxes!!

Overall, considering its a christmas box, IMO it was quite poor and not Christmas related at all.. Roll on me received my JolieBox...

What were your opinions?


  1. I received the Enamoured Seche Vite - - it's more of a bronzey pink metallic than the photo. I tried it, but really not my colour. Would you like to swop?

  2. I actually liked the blusher that came this month and was happy with all of my products apart from the Lemon perfume, yuk! Better luck next month?

    Corinne x


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