Tuesday 12 March 2013

Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation

This has been my favourite reach-to foundation for the past few months now, but unfortunately I've never really heard anyone speak about it, like, at all (correct me if I'm wrong and I've completely missed the hype!) Therefore I've decided it deserves to be raved about a little, just by me if no one else ;-)
Bit of background history with me & foundations (we go back a long way don't you know..). I wear foundation daily. If I'm just going to the local shops, I wont step foot out the house without my slap on. It was only last summer that I delved into BB creams. The thought of those would make me shudder because for me, there was not enough coverage. However on a good skin day (oh, and the fact that I was in 30degree heat) I braved the ol' BB cream, and absolutely loved it! Anyway, getting back on track - I've sampled so many foundations over the years. I thought I found my dream one last year when I began using Estee Lauders Double Wear foundation. Loved it beyond belief, but kept it for special occasions. Then (like everything else) - those 'special occasions' became too regular, to the point were they were happening every day (or not), and it became my daily foundation. However, it was almost as if the foundation got used to my skin and decided not to work for me anymore. It began to look cakey and just not as flawless as it once made me feel. That along with the £27 price tag, I started to get itchy feet.
Once again I found myself trudging around boots and superdrug to find my next 'dream' foundation, and I spied this little beauty below. Now don't get me wrong, I wouldn't say it was my dream foundation, but its pretty close, especially for the price.
Lets begin with the packaging - its in a glass bottle and has a pump - both what I always look for. Yes, glass bottles arent always ideal for travelling and lugging around in your handbag, (especially if you're like me and are forever throwing your handbag around on desks etc). But lets me honest, who wouldnt choose a glass bottle over a plastic one?!
Application is really smooth - I apply it with my fingers (not a sponge/brush kinda gal!) and I have no problems. With some foundations Ive found you have to work pretty quick with them or they begin to go patchy and are really quick-drying, however this one is really workable and can be blended nicely into the skin.
It offers full coverage, which is perfect for me, yes you might need a little concealer for those more stubborn red blemishes, but you tell me a foundation that doesnt need concealer over those stubborn red blighters? Exactly!
Its fairly matte - I do 'top up' midday with a little powder to mattify my face, but thats all I need.
Staying power is really good. If my foundation is going to slip off, it always begins on the top of my forehead, near to my hairline, and yes this does do this, but thats after 9hours of wear, and its barely noticeable, but for the majority of my face it stays put.
Does it stay on for 25hrs like it claims? I honestly couldnt tell you because I haven't kept my make-up on for that long in many years now! (Gone were the days of the all-nighters!) ;-)
The ultimate bonus for this is the price - £6.99 for 30ml which lasts me on average 6 weeks (remember, I wear it most days!), I think thats pretty good going!
Have you got a staple drugstore foundation that you swear by?


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