Thursday 14 March 2013

Interior Design - Shabby Chic Floral Storage Box

Yesterday after mooching round Dunelm Mill I spied these gorgeous shabby chic wooden storage boxes. As you know I have a bit of a thing for shabby chic and have had for a few years now. I also have a bit of a thing for pretty storage boxes.. I have a tonne of them, but never have enough stuff to put in them all, so half of them are empty! (Where the logic in that is, I don't know!)

There were 2 sizes to choose from, this is the smaller one, but as you can see, is still pretty big inside. They also had a pastel blue colour to choose from which was also adorable, but the pink went better with my dressing room. The wood is very solid, and has a gorgeous floral shabby chic-esque print on the lid, with white polkda dots round the box. It has been finished off with a cute ribbon bow which I think looks so pretty!

You could store absolutely anything in these. I've just popped nail polishes in for the time being (purely for the photo to give you guys an idea of how big they are). But you could put make-up in, hair accessories, or if you have a desk area, you could use it as a cute way to store your stationery. You could even use it as a memory box, and stash a pile of photos in.. or maybe to stick it your sewing bits... the list is endless!
I thought these were too cute not to show, and for £2.99 for this size, I thought what is there not to like?!
I love Dunelm Mill for home interior.. if only money grew on trees eh?!


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  1. The box is very cute! Is the lotion on top from Bath & Bodyworks? I really want to try those.



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