Saturday 30 March 2013

Review: Sphere of Life Jewellery

So a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a competition; £100 to spend on My Sphere of Life. The competition tied in with Mothers Day so I let my mum have first dibs on the £100, and anything that was leftover was a bonus for me.

Whether she didn't want to take all my winnings or not, I don't know, but she settled for a very cute daisy necklace which was only just short of £36. (Unfortunately she is now in possession of this and I'm too lazy to drive to her house to take photos to show you guys!). This obviously left me with a fair amount still to play with...

I was spoilt for choice as they have a wide range of things to offer... their jewellery is rather unique, a lot of the necklace pendants being some form of ball bearings (hence the 'sphere of life'). Now I'm getting older, I've been slowly coming away from the costume jewellery, the nasty rings that leave your fingers green, or the necklaces that turn from silver to bronze within a few months. I've told myself to stop wasting my money and start looking for more timeless pieces that will never date and I know will be in my collection for years.

I'm a silver girl through and through when it comes to jewellery.. I'm not sure why, theres just something about silver that I think looks more pretty and sparkly, so I was pleased that the majority of the jewellery on my sphere was silver and not gold!

After carefully looking through everything, I finally settled on this little beauty 'milestones'.. and can I just say, before you look at the photos, I was a little apprehensive about this choice because the website shot made the heart pendant look rather large and chunky, and I prefer more delicate looking pieces.. however I'm glad I went through with it because once it arrived, I couldn't have been happier.

The first thing that struck me was the packaging. Oh my god. It instantly cries out luxury. The first 'layer' was the cute little red gift bag. Inside that was a solid white box, and inside that was a metallic red sphere/ball that screwed open and was padded so beautifully inside.


The necklace was placed in a cute drawstring organza bag, with half the necklace hanging out, so not to get knotted (which I also thought was... thoughtful! *lacking a thesaurus today!*). And the necklace? The necklace is ba-you-tee-full... with a capital B! The pendant is the perfect size, with 6 little crystals on for added sparkle! The chain is one of my favourite types too. Its also got a bit of weight behind it, which is something I bizarrely prefer on certain pendants, because sometimes (depending on where the piece of jewellery is from) the lighter the jewellery, the more cheap it makes it feel, in my opinion! This necklace retails at £53.90.

I couldn't have asked for more... I've told myself to keep it for special occasions, but I want to wear it every day!

I never really had a 'special' necklace in my collection - Its something I've been telling myself to get/ask for, for a long time now, and I think I've finally found that missing piece!

I haven't been asked to do this review - I just thought their website deserved a mention because I was truly happy with not only my purchases (if you can call it that! ;-) but the service too. It caters for all types of occasions and I believe there would be something on there for everyone - The packaging just adds that perfect final touch that really makes you feel you are recieving a luxury gift. I mean c'mon, who wouldn't want to receive a gift with packaging like that?! (or am I just easily pleased?!)


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  1. I used to be a silver girl too but find gold quite appealing recently. However, this little necklace makes me want to be a silver girl again. And how cool is the packaging, huh?


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