Thursday 18 April 2013

Aprils' Birchbox 'In Bloom'

It feels like forever since I last received a beauty box, so this month was much awaited... and I've still got Glossy to come, Yay! I've been really shrewd with my spending this month (being a car-owner isn't always good!) so I feel like I'm in need of some much-awaited luxury!

This months' Birchbox was based on the seasons transition (although some may still argue it feels like winter!). We have seen a few bright sunny days but Jeez Louise, I don't know about where you are, but the wind here has been crazy, so strong to the point where you think your house roof is gonna blow off.. not good for the hair or skirt lovers!

This months box consisted of the following:

Gerda Spillman - Age Serum
La Societe Parisienne De Savons Soap
Mirenesse - Glossy Kiss
Weleda - Skin Food
Natio - Foaming facial cleanser
Birchbox Paris Mirror

I can't make my mind up what I think to this months box. I'm not overwhelmed with any of the products, none of them excited me... I feel like theres too much focus on skincare this month, with 4 out of 6 products being skin orientated (ok, this may be debateable, I'm sure some people still use soap on their face!).

I know we all have our different ways of opening our box - I'm one of these that like surprises, therefore I don't read any of the phamplets that I receive, but instead I'm straight into that pink bag like a magpie is to all things shiny. When I stumbled on the red box, I got all excited, and for some reason thought it was a snazzy make-up item, so was pretty disappointed when I opened it and was faced with a cube of soap.

The mirror too was quite disheartening - I have compact mirrors coming out of my ears so I really didn't need any more! And its not as if I can use these up and 'get through them' like I would be able to do with products.. so maybe I need to start looking into passing a few on!

My most favourite product (so far) is the Glossy Kiss lipstick - I trialled that earlier an was rather impressed, the colour is really buildable so you could either go for a faint tinted lip or a full on bold lip...although my boyfriend didn't like the colour on me, but I think it is pretty wearable (who listens to boys when it comes to make-up anyway?!).

I am however looking forward to trying the foaming facial wash.. I like creamy products!

Were you impressed with this months' BirchBox?


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