Friday 12 April 2013

Review: Superdrug Dry Shampoo 'Chocolate Brownie'

By now I'm sure the majority of you would have tried a dry shampoo at some point in the last couple of years. They are genius for many different reasons - lazy days when your hair needs washing but you... just can't be bothered? Or you haven't got time? It seems to eat up any grease that lies at our roots, and also gives us a little volume, which is fab if you're like me and have flat hair. I also know of people that use it purely for the latter, even if their hair is clean.

After a while, dry shampoos came out with another invention - dry shampoo with a tint of colour - you buy the colour to match your hair and viola.

If any of you watch my youtube channel you will know that I dye my hair. I am naturally a redhead (a copperery colour to be exact), but dye my hair dark brown, so as you can imagine, when my roots come through, they're pretty noticeable.

I started using the batiste tinted dry shampoo for black hair around 1yr ago - I used to pick it up from B&M for a steal at £1.49, however they stopped doing it, and I never got round to finding a replacement, until recently.

I'm all about saving money (especially now Florida is fast approaching!) so when I came across a Superdrug own brand, I thought I'd give it a whirl.

As a dry shampoo, this is pretty disappointing - the consistency of this shampoo compared to all others is very.... wet. I don't feel like it lifts any grease or adds any volume. It just looks like Ive wet my roots. I have noticed due to the 'wet' consistency, it does occasionally 'splash' on the forehead (if you get close to the hair, like me), which isn't always ideal if its landing on top of make-up. Luckily I manage to save my make-up by gently blotting the damage off as soon as is appeared. However! (and its a big however!) - the tinted side of things is amazing! It masks my roots so good that I was due a colour to my hair probably about 3-4 weeks ago now, and I'm still going strong, simply because of this dry shampoo! Obviously its pretty impossible to do all roots with this - I obviously only work on the roots that are showing (i.e. my parting), but if its pro-longing the time that I add more chemicals and bleach to my hair, then its a winner all round! I absolutely hate dying my hair (I do home dyes) - its such a chore to me, but I also hate going out with roots, so this is the perfect 'lazy' alternative, until I can be bothered to hit the bottle! (and no.. not that bottle!).

This is pretty much a root touch up in a spray can - hmm, am I onto a new invention here?!

Well done Superdrug!


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