Monday 22 April 2013

The Chronicles of a Nail Girl: Pink to make the boys wink!

I'm a girly girl, which means one thing. I like pink. Noooo, that doesn't mean I'm a barbie wannabe with neon pink lipstick, pink stilettos tottering down the street with my hot pink handbag slung over my arm with the latest dog poking its head out, that too in a pink diamonte coat. Far from it. I just like the odd fleck of pink to brighten up my outfit, and that fleck of pink is usually found on my nails.

I feel like I'm always buying pink polishes, so I was quite surprised of the amount I had when I put them altogether. I thought I would have had more than what I actually have, so that was a pleasant surprise (means I can go and buy more without feeling guilty!)

Avon 'Ballerina' - Not really overly keen on Avon polishes. They are very sheer and need a few coats, which I'm not patient enough to do!
No 7 'Twinkle' - This is so pretty to look at, it has little flecks of irredescent glitter in, however this is a bugger to get off so I only occasionally wear it.
W7 'Sheer pink' - Cheap and cheerful. Haven't worn this for a long time so can't remember the quality!
Leighton Denny 'Babydoll' - Love this stuff, love the wide brush and the consistency.
Barry M 'Strawberry Icecream'
Barry M Gelly 'Dragon fruit?' Someone tell me the correct name of this. I was filming a video a while back and stated 'Dragon' on camera, because thats what it says on the bottle, and there is no sign that anything else has rubbed off - I then got corrected and told it was something else.. so someone fill in the missing blank for me!

Barry M Nails effects 314. I have barely used this stuff. I'm not keen on nail effects anymore so this may need another home.
OPI 'If you moust you moust' - Purchased this in Vegas. Love the stuff. Very chip resistant and a very wearable colour. Its one of those were I am always looking at my nails throughout the day and thinking 'god, thats a pretty colour!'
Barry M 'Pink Flamingo' - Haven't worn this in a while but a lovely coral colour that was a sell out when it first came out a couple of years ago.
Missguided 'Misstify' - I think this was a freebie from a magazine. A good all round polish nontheless.
Barry M 'Fuchsia' - Think this was one of the first Barry M polishes I ever bought. A nice medium pink colour that has had a lot of wear!
Barry M Gelly 'Pomegranate' - This reminds me a little of Barry M's 'Raspberry' which I've actually misplaced. Love it.

So thats my pink category of polishes! You might recognise a few from my spring favourite polishes. After looking at this though, I have decided I no longer need any more baby pinks for a while! I think I'm missing a neon pink.. what do you think?!


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