Friday 12 July 2013

My Mickey Mouse Holiday!

Wowzers! Where has one been?!

As you all know, I've been away to a land far away, so I thought what better way to say hi again than doing a little blog on my recent holiday and sharing some photos with you all. I don't know about you, but I love reading about people's holidays, looking at photos and just dreaming....

I've been back in UK 2 weeks now so my holiday seems a distant memory away...

For those that aren't up to speed (or can't tell by the title!) I went to Florida. Florida is a destination very close to my heart after spending many holidays there as a child. I was last there at the age of 13, so returning after 15 years was a little... worrying. Yep, I was frightened that that once lovely nostalgic memory of what I once had would soon be overridden with a more mature and aware brain.

Obviously things weren't the same as I last remember. I couldn't remember a great deal about the theme parks, and some parks that we did this time were completely new to me, so I didn't know what to expect. One disappointing bit was visiting our old apartments/condo's that we used to stay in in St Petes on the coast (we made friends with the owners). Me and my older brother used to spend copious amounts of time in the pool, playing sharks, him trying to dunk me or push me in...(ahhh, memories!)
Returning 15yrs later I noticed how disheveled and rundown the place was looking, it didn't look as luxurious as I once remember. I know everything ages and things change but it was a shame.

Anyway! For the first week we stayed in my dads friends villa which was around a 15min drive to all the Disney parks. The villa was gorgeous - it slept 8, had more eating areas than one needs, had a pool that I really should have taken more advantage of, and just felt like I had moved from home to home.

We did the majority of the parks with our combo tickets. Islands of Adventure was my ultimate favourite one! I have a bit of a thing for water rides, and they had the best water rides there!
After the first week, for nostalgic reasons, we moved down to St Petes which is around a 2hr drive, just past Tampa. We stayed in Treasure Island in some lovely apartments that even had a full size kitchen... unlucky I wasn't cooking! These few days gave us chance to relax a little, have a few lay-ins and a few 'easy' days at the beach, the mall and kayaking. Gave me chance to catch up on my sleep before our last stint of hardcore theme parking it again!
For the last 3 days we moved back up to Orlando, this time staying on International Drive. The location of this hotel was fantastic - Universal and Wet n Wild in walking distance, shops and restaurants galore minutes aware from the hotel...

I'll share with you a few of the many photos that I took whilst on my travels.

Disney 'Wishes' Firework Display

Hollywood Studios

Messing with Pooh in Downtown Disney

This rainmac helped me from many a storms!

Toon Town in Islands of Adventure

Chillin' in Fort De Sota

Universal Studios Baby!

If you would like a more in-depth review on any of the hotels I stayed in or the theme parks I ventured in, or any general tips, then pop a message below!
I will be doing an American giveaway on my Youtube channel shortly, so keep your eye out for that! The prizes are what you guys requested!


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