Thursday 1 August 2013

Instagram it August!

I'm one of these that loves taking photos. I'm sad and like to take photos of food and even plan days out, just because I know I can take photos. Something you may not know about me - I did photography A-Level at 6th form, however I was never really great at it, and could never get to grips with how the ol' 'F number' and 'Aperture' worked. Those words still haunt me to this day - I remember getting an A in my written work, but a D in my practical... needless to say I went onto do English at uni...

However my love for taking photos has still stayed with me. And I love the fact that I can be a bit quirky with my photos on-the-go thanks to Instagram. I was really late jumping on this app band wagon surprisingly, and have only been a fully fledged member for around 5 months.

If any of you read my Japanese Gardens post, you'll know I asked if any of you guys would like to see more lifestyle posts from me. Seeing as though its the start of a brand new month today, I am going to try my very best at taking at least one photo a day and sharing them with you on a weekly basis. I have quite a busy month (for me!) so I'm hoping for some exciting and unique photos to give you an insight into my life!

If you would like instant updates, then come follow me on @kateld85
If you are embarking on this little mission as well, let me know below and I'll come check you out!


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