Thursday 12 September 2013

September's Glossybox - London Edition

I love the themed boxes that GB occasionally decide to do.. and today was no exception (I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the union jack box, it's too cute to shove away in my cupboard!).


HD Brows Blusher - I got extremely excited when I first saw this. I received the HD brow kit in one of their first boxes many moons ago and I use it every day without fail and its still going strong. I actually thought this was another brow kit which would have been a perfect replacement for when my current one runs out. When I discovered it was a blusher I will admit, I was a little disappointed because I'm not a huge blusher girl (I'm drawn more to bronzer), however I did try it out and actually quite liked it.

'Untold' perfume by Elizabeth Arden. This is actually a nice sample sized bottle and would easily last a week away. Unfortunately I wasn't that excited about the smell. Its a daytime smell that is (yet again) on the brink of being a fragrance for the more mature woman (in my opinion at least). I will throw this in my work bag as a freshen up throughout the day though.

Eyelure Eyelashes - How gutted was I to have received these (only due to personal circumstances though!). I am a wearer of false eyelashes for evenings out. However I haven't worn lashes in quite a few months now. On Tuesday I had plans in the evening and thought I'd spruce it up a little and wear some falsies, so I popped into Tesco in between work and bought a pair (again, first time in about 6 months). Low and behold, I got home to find my GB waiting for me and a pair of falsies laying in the box. They saw me coming! Either way, I will get some use out of these for sure! I'm going on holiday in a few weeks so these will probably come with me.

Be a Bombshell 'Onyx' felt tip eyeliner. I really really want to be able to use products like these but I just can't apply it if my life depended on it. I envy all these girls that wear top liner to perfection. Me? Its a scraggy patchy zigzag line that I scrub off and attempt to re-do that many times that my eyes end up sore and I give up! Its not a pretty sight! I really don't know what I do wrong. Me and top liner just aren't meant to be!

Toni & Guy Shine Gloss Serum - I sampled this as soon as I got it and absolutely love it! Its the kind of serum I'm always on the hunt for when I go hair product shopping (which is very rare, as I'm not really a hair person!). It made my hair feel extra soft and manageable, kind of like that 'just left the hairdressers' feeling. Love it. Little disappointed about the price though.. over £7 for 30ml? Owch!


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