Friday 20 September 2013

Whats in my work handbag?

A few days ago I treated myself to a new work handbag. I'm not talking a massive exciting splurge on a new designer handbag (I wish). I bought a new handbag for work when I was in Manchester last month but its too small for all my belongings so although I wanted to downgrade in size for my poor shoulder, it quite clearly wasn't happening, so a few days ago I wondered into New Look and paid only £15.99 for this slouchy crème and black one. I think because of the colour scheme, it looks like its meant for work so that suited me fine.

Bag - New Look

All the things that follow me round on an average day at work... Lets take a closer look....  
My car keys! These are essential to my job, and if I'm honest, I probably wouldn't have been offered the job all those years ago (4, to be precise!) if I couldn't drive! Although its not until I take close up photos that I realize how battered my keyring is and that I really need a new one!  
Also my phones - the Samsung Galaxy is my personal one but that goes everywhere with me. The small (old fashioned) Nokia one is my work phone.

 These are my bibles at work. In the past year or so I've become really forgetful (I don't know why?) so my diary is so important to me. I wouldn't know where I was meant to be without it. I have a job that requires constant bookings of appointments with clients so it's vital that I remember this! (For those that are wondering, its a Collins diary, and a dirty one at that! Bleurgh). Along with this comes a notebook (this particular one being from Tesco!). I have a huge passion for stationary so I'm constantly changing this up but again, paper is something I need often in my job. On top are 2 pens (with a further pink pen tucked inside my diary out of view!). The left pen is one of 8 that I purchased in Florida, it has Mickey and Minnie on it so always reminds me of my holiday :-)

The little 'cat' bag is my current make-up bag which I purchased from Primark last month. I'm actually not too fond (I'm not an animal person) but there wasn't any suitable ones and this was the closest one!). It stores all my daily essential make-up items and a hairbrush (if you want to see a 'whats in my make-up bag?' then pop a message below!). The little gold box next to it is actually a rather generous sample sized perfume bottle from a recent Glossybox. Its 'Untold' by Elizabeth Arden, not something I'd run out and by for myself but its nice as a freshen up throughout the day at work.
My trusty umbrella! This lives between my handbag and my car, and is in one of those places all year round. I really don't trust the English weather! (For those wondering, the umbrella is an old one from Primark and comes with a pretty gold sequin band that sits in the middle of the umbrella once 'done up' although its out of shot! :-( )

Last but not least - my purse! I love this purse, and have had it a few years now. I remember buying it from Claires Accessories for £12. It can get quite bulky and heavy at times, so I like to downgrade to a small coin purse when I can, but I always need cash/debit cards on me because I'm forever either using car parks or topping up on petrol!
Sometimes you may also find a pack-lunch box in there (when I can be bothered to make it!)
Are your work bag contents similar to mine?!


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