Monday 18 November 2013

Fun in Florida! Downtown Disney, DisneyQuest & T Rex Restaurant!

Day 5 of our adventures and this was a well needed break from the parks. I knew it would be tiring doing a theme park day in day out, but didn't realize just how much.

Me and my boyfriend arrived at 10 in the morning and I remember trying to look for somewhere that was doing breakfast. We were surrounded by all these lovely eateries but really struggled to find breakfast! We made the choice of hanging on till lunch time and having a bigger meal then, so in the meantime just wandered around. Downtown Disney wasn't what I was expecting. I'd seen photos of it online but it just didn't look the same in the day. There were however lots of restaurants and shops, and quirky little things to look at and photograph on the way.

Downtown Disney
Our theme park tickets included access to Disneyquest, which we made full use of. For those that don't know, Disneyquest is a 5 floor arcades building. On each floor there were different types of arcades (i.e. retro old-skool ones, modern interactive ones, interactive drawing classes for children (these looked super cool!) and simulators etc). We had a few goes on different machines (all free), had a ride on a boat and pirate simulator, complete with effects as well as creating our own rollercoaster which we then got to ride in the simulator. My boyfriend thought it was all fake, so put lots of loops and sharp turns in this rollercoaster.. needless to say I was later cursing him on the ride! It was quite funny looking back though...


Just chillin' with Pooh & friends

Lego Art

We then had dinner in T Rex which is very similar to Rainforest CafĂ©, but focusing purely on dinosaurs instead. We don't have children but I still loved it in here. Every 15 minutes there is a rainstorm. All the dinosaurs come to life, start moving and making noises, lights start flashing and the 'breeze' gets up. Whoever thought of this idea needs one huge sticker, I'd definitely take my children there in the future. We were placed in the igloo/iceberg part of the restaurant, which, as you've probably guessed, was designed exactly like one. The snow effect walls, the shape, the lights. It had everything going on. The food as well was something I'll never forget. I got a pulled pork BBQ burger (yes, 5 months on and I still remember, THATS how good it was!). Words cannot describe. I can't remember what my boyfriend got but he enjoyed his as well. We both got ourselves a milkshake where you got to pick what chocolate went in it.. that too was delicious. When leaving, the waitress came to us and gave us 2 T-Rex glasses to keep, that are now sat proudly in our kitchen as a little souvenir.  This is somewhere I'd definitely recommend!

Entrace to T-Rex Restaurant
After stuffing our faces we went for another walk and a wander round a few shops and stopped for a mid-afternoon cocktail overlooking a gorgeous lake. We were going to go on a hot air balloon ride but unfortunately due to high winds it was down.
This 'Loch Ness' was made out of lego..

We left just after tea and as the sun set, I saw more people flocking there, so its probably a lot more livelier come nighttime.

In terms of things to do, at times we found ourselves twiddling our thumbs (my dad was our mode of transport who wasn't with us!) so its probably not somewhere to go for a full day, but maybe on an evening instead. Should I return to Florida anytime soon, its not somewhere I'd rush back, but you may just be able to tempt me should you wave that pulled pork burger in my face again! ;-)


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