Saturday 2 November 2013

Lifestyle: Instagram it October! Days 13 - 31

Wow, what a busy month I've had, not so much the first 2 weeks but from the middle of October till the end it was filled with exciting things!
1. Packing for my holiday (I was pretty impressed with my light packing this time!)
2. Our hotel room at the airport before we flew the next morning.
3. Breakfast at Manchester Airport before our flight (looking a little worse for wear too!)
4. Arrived in Turkey and the first thing I photograph is a stash of snacks we picked up - I think my photos got a bit messed up here cos I'm sure this was not our first night!
5. A day in a very stormy Olu-Deniz
6. Feithye's Harbour
7. Mike before his beloved team play!
8. Sat on a restaurant table. In a gorge. As you do.
9. A pretty restaurant that had a fantastic sea view and was so very calming (they even had their restaurant soundtrack if you wanted to buy it so I assume a lot of people were commenting on how relaxing it was!)

1. On our way home!
2. A nice relaxing hot bath after a jet-lagged day at work the following day
3. (It appears I have missed a day...) This is London Westminster (I think?!)
4. Mike at Comic-con - He found a Ghostbuster! (Massive fan!)
5. Afternoon tea nr Covent Garden
6. New Eeyore slippers!
7. Some pretty stationary that I can't wait to get started on
8. Some pumpkins nr The Thames (although they look a horrible mess here!)
9. A new chick-lit book that I am reading.

I think I'm going to do this again in December. I don't have a great deal planned yet but I'm sure a few festive events will crop up soon to make it an interesting challenge and something appealing on the eye!


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