Monday 28 October 2013

Recent Travels: Turkish Delight

Sorry I've been absent from blogging, travel called!

I have recently spent a week in Turkey to indulge in some Autumn sunshine.
I was lucky enough to win this holiday via a competition. I was able to choose from 4 destinations; 2 of them being somewhere I'd already visited, so being someone who likes to sample new places, I chose Turkey as both my boyfriend and I had never been there before.

The competition included everything from the accommodation right down to the all inclusive food and alcohol (although we did sample other restaurants as well).

Having only returned from Florida in July, my bank was shouting at me for going on holiday again, so spending money was a little limited. Because it was a freebie, my boyfriend and I decided to make this holiday as cheap as possible so we benefited from that fact. We booked 2 trips via our rep, and the rest of the days were spent taking it easy, or taking a trip on the bus to nearby Olu-Deniz, where there was a gorgeous lagoon to be admired.

Stormy Day

We took a trip to a place called Saklikent which is famous for it's canyon. We sat at a restaurant table in a gorge which I absolutely loved. The view of the canyon along with the gentle trickle of water around was so peaceful and relaxing with the suns rays beaming down.

A Cosy Restaurant that we discovered

Top of The Ghost Town

One evening we took a trip to Kaya which is Hisaronu's Ghost Town. It had a lot of history there (which I actually quite enjoyed reading about). Although I wasn't expecting to be doing any hiking whilst I was there!

A lot of Turkey is in the mountains so everywhere you looked there was a really nice backdrop. Its a really pretty country when you get in the right areas (one part in particular looked a lot like English countryside!).

It was a nice Autumn break and a nice change of scenery (especially for a freebie!)

Where to next?



  1. Wow I can't believe you won it. It looks gorgeous, I love Turkey but go to the Antalya region but this area looks gorgeous too xx

  2. I love Turkey... Your photos are lovely! I bet it was fab to be in the sunshine when you compare it to the UK :(( xx

  3. I went to Fethyie in September and loved it. We didn't get around to going to Hisaronu but if we go back again we definately want to go to the Ghost Town!
    Laura x


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