Saturday 19 October 2013

Fashion: Skater Dresses | Daytime Wear

When you're reading this I'll be sat under a palm tree sipping cocktails in Turkey... jealous? I thought so! ;-) I only have this post scheduled for whilst I'm away due to time constraints, but please do keep seated.. I'll be back before you know it, with lots of holiday snaps!

The last month or so I've pretty much ruled jeans out of my daily wardrobe. I have only really been fond of skinny jeans, and as I've put weight on, I'm becoming more and more self conscious in them. I wore a pair yesterday for the first time in around 4 weeks and I didn't feel comfortable at all in public. I decided that my self confidence is at its best when I'm in pretty empire line or skater dresses. Not only do they hide a multitude of sins but I feel so much more feminine and girly in them, a place that I like to be.

So, as I'm beginning to completely rule jeans out of my wardrobe for the foreseeable future, I need to invest in a few more skater dresses. Due to the season change I am looking for dresses that have long sleeves (which is quite hard I tell thee!) that I can throw a chunkycardigan over the top and pair with either leggings and tights, with a pair of boots, and I'll be good (and confident!) to go.

Here are a few that I'm liking at the minute.. I'm not too sure about the one in the top left hand corner due to it being a midi.. I'm small so that will probably come to my ankles, leaving me clueless on how to style it! But I loved the colours and floral-ness of it too much to not include it!

Skater Day Dresses


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