Sunday 10 November 2013

My collection: Statement Necklaces

I think I purchased my first ever statement necklace almost 2 years ago, but I seem to have developed a love for them again. I just think they are the perfect accessory to brighten up any simple/dull outfit in such a quick and effortless way.

Statement necklaces I find go best with either plain tops or bare necks. Put it on over a bright print and it can look too much and almost lost.

A few of these I still haven't worn yet. The brightly coloured bib is my most recent purchase. I managed to find this in a little boutique in Turkey, I'm still in 2 minds whether I like it or not though!

This is one of my favourites. Its from Primark (old stock) but I think it looks fab over a plain black top, it really lightens everything up. Unfortunately the white 'paint' is starting to chip off now so I'm not too sure how much longer this will last me.

Another favourite is this pretty pink and gold necklace that I picked up in Dorothy Perkins in a summer sale for a whopping £1.50. Was rather impressed with this find considering it's RRP was £15!

I keep admiring The Jewel Shack that a fellow blogger owns, they have some gorgeous ones on there which I'm going to be buying once I feel a little flush with money again!

Do you like bold statement necklaces? Which one is your favourite?


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