Monday 9 December 2013

My Perfect Christmas Day

My perfect Christmas day wouldn't consist of the usual gathering around the dining table pulling crackers. Neither would it consist of a cosy afternoon near a roaring fire playing games and stuffing ourselves with chocolate. It would however still be filled with heaps of festive magic and definitely one to remember, because that's right... we're off to Disneyworld!

We'd leave a very festive looking airport on Christmas Eve, armed with our suitcases, flying 1st class to Orlando. Whilst on the flight we'd enjoy a few Christmas movies and indulge in a few glasses of mulled wine before landing in Florida.
Xmas Travel

We'd check into our Disney hotel, admiring the ginormous glittering Christmas trees in the lobby, before resorting to our room. Out would come the few Christmas trimmings and stockings we brought with us, in order to give our room some festive cheer.
Christmas Disney
We would then have an early night in order to shake off any jet-lag, and in hope that Santa had been by the time we woke!

The big day has arrived! Scurrying out of bed, we all dive into our stockings to see what surprises we may have. After a fun filled hour of admiring our new gifts, we head to a nearby restaurant for a traditional American breakfast...pancakes!


After filling our tummies, we jump on the boat and head over to Disneyland. Upon approaching, we can hear the festive music playing and know we're going to experience an unforgettable day! 

First stop off is to buy some Minnie Mouse festive ears.. of course! Spending the morning experiencing the rides, we stop for a light lunch. We then spend a few hours doing meet and greets, meeting up with the characters themselves, who too are dressed from head to toe in the most festive outfits one ever did see. We'd have our photos taken with every last one of them, with the most magical Christmas backdrops, ready to be framed at home.

Minnie & Mickey
We'd then take a moment out to just appreciate our surroundings and where we were, realizing how lucky we were to be there.

We'd stop for a mid afternoon break and watch the 'Dream Come True' parade where all the Disney characters gather together and dance around to Christmas music like its one big party.

Disney Parade

After catching a festive show and doing a spot of shopping in Disney's famous Christmas shop, we'd all resort back to our hotel room and get ready for the Christmas buffet. But oh no, this isn't your average Christmas dinner. Everything is Disney themed! We'd munch our way through some delicious food before cutting into the biggest Disney cake you ever did see. Who needs Christmas pudding?!


Resorting back to our hotel room, we'd let our poor bellies settle whilst we watched a Christmas movie (Santa Claus: The Movie, in case you were wondering...).

After building up a little more energy, we'd make our way back to Disneyland to eagerly await the 'Wishes' firework display. Fireworks dancing to Christmas songs whilst a glass of champagne is slowly being sipped. Cinderella's castle all lit up and twinkling lights all around, a warm breeze in the air as the clock nears midnight. Could you really think of a more magical way to end Christmas day?
Evening Dislay Xmas

You can have a traditional Christmas Day any year... be adventurous and create the most magical Christmas of them all!


Merry Christmas! This post is my entry into the Tots100/Argos 12 Days of Christmas competition.

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