Friday 13 December 2013

Birchbox: A Winter Wonderland.

One beauty box that I am always excited to receive is the Christmas box.. I just expect wonderful and sparkly things but unfortunately Birchbox didn't meet my expectations this year...

Contents (From L-R)

Sin-Care Party Girl Serum. This retails at £46.50 so pretty pricey for a serum, and something I'm definitely not prepared to spend that much money on! I mentioned in a previous post that skincare really doesn't float my boat, so for me, this is just 'meh'. Yet another serum that is added to my ever-growing drawer.

Lamilou Body Milk (Cocoa Butter and Rose Water) . You may have seen my growing stash of body lotions from a few months ago (if you wanted to see my ha-uge collection, click here). I don't need another body cream, simple as. But Birchbox aren't to know that. However the smell of this is very faint. I'm not a fan of rose flavoured products (they remind me of old ladies!). The consistency of this is horrible as well, being very thin and almost watery. Definitely one that I'll be glad to get rid of.

Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow. Retailing at £12.50 I can see why. This is really pretty and would look fab on those festive party nights out. Its very light but buildable, so could be worn in the day or at night. The colour is a gorgeous golden brown with an almost rose gold tint to it.. very pretty but again, a very repetitive product that I often see cropping up in Birchbox every few months. I'm getting a small stash of these mineral eyeshadows now, sadly all untouched because I love my Urban Decay too much!

Number 4 Non-Aerosol Hairspray. I got super excited when I saw this bottle, then when I realized what it was, I was let down. I only received a hairspray a few months ago, and I very rarely wear hairspray (and I mean rarely, we're talking probably 6 applications a year!). However I am intrigued to this new concept of 'non aerosol'. I love it for the bottle if nothing else!

Nail Rock Nail Glitter. This has got to be my favourite product this month. Never tried any Nail Rock products so this one should be interesting. I've got many dark navy nail polishes, but look at the electric blue pure glitter. So sparkly I can't wait to try this out!

And last but not least.. a twistband. Another one. Probably the 3rd one I've received now. Yes, the concept is fab - no snags and pulls in the hair.. but really, who would wear some of these awful colours out in public? Certainly not me. So sadly they'll be left to be used around the home..

Were you pleased with your December Birchbox?


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