Saturday 8 February 2014

Primark Spring Purchases!

I only ever tend to have a splurge in Primark if I'm either away for the weekend or on a shopping trip out of town. Our local Primark is pretty small, therefore it never has any decent stock in, and all the best bits get taken over.

It has also become tradition for my boyfriend to buy me a Primark voucher to go towards my birthday/Christmas presents, which he usually fills with £75 so I can have a bit of a spree.

On Tuesday I took a day off work to go with my mum to Lincoln so of course I checked out their Primark, and managed to come away with a few bits.

This cotton dress I picked up in the sale for a mere £5. I thought it'd be suitable for work paired with some black tights and a slouchy cardy thrown over the top. However, Primark being Primark and their ill-fitting clothes, this is fair too tight round my arms (to the point of me having to shout my boyfriend to come help get me out of it!) so this is going back.

This is a similar (possibly same?) dress to the one above (although the material feels a little softer/silkier, so I'm not sure!). I absolutely love this and how it looks on me. You know when you get a clothing item that either the colour or pattern seems to make your face 'pop' - well this dress does just that. Love it! - £8

I love my slouchy cardys - I find them so versatile so I had to pick up this spearmint one when I saw it. They had a variety of colours but I love pastel colours in the spring/summer, it reminds me of gorgeous spring mornings when the winter coats are being thrown to the side and we're all getting brave enough to venture out in just a jumper... ahhh. - £12

I've been eyeing up these PJs for a while now. They're a really nice light cotton flimsy material so are really comfy to wear (I'm a little fussy on my PJ material!). These are cuffed at the leg too, which means no trailing for us shorties! - £6

These were more of an impulse buy. I aim to have a few fairy lights dotted round my house cos I think they look so pretty. However when I got these home I realized they were white LED lights, which I didn't really want (I wanted the yellow ones!). So for now I've hung them round my dressing table...

I haven't had much luck with handbags as of late. I bought one from Forever21 when I was in Vegas over a year ago - Shortly afterwards, the zip broke. I then purchased one from New Look - The zip broke within 2 days of me having it. I then got one from H&M whilst I was in London in December, and guess what? THE ZIP BROKE! People kept asking me if its because I was putting too much stuff in my bag, which wasn't the case. I was never 'fighting' to get the zip done up, they were just crap zips, obviously! I then bought another bag in the Next sale in January, which was a bit of an impulse buy because I was annoyed with my current handbag situation. I soon discovered that this said bag was so impractical - It was deep that I was having to literally dig and fumble around for everything, and because the lining was black, I couldn't see inside the bag properly (even in the brightest of places) so I was having to get my phone light out to use as a torch.. it was just.. not good! I spotted this bag in Primark which ticked all the boxes. It was big enough for work, it had a zip across the top as well as a long shoulder strap. It feels really sturdy and is so far doing the trick! I don't usually go for taupe coloured bags, but I thought decided I was getting a little tired of black. So for £12, I hope it lasts longer than the others!

Have you checked out Primark's Spring collection yet? I have Valentines day off work so I'm already planning which city to visit so I can check out another branch to spend the remaining of my voucher!



  1. Ive not been in Primark since before Christmas! Trying to stay out cos I end up spending a fortune, things might be cheaper than other shops but it can be quite surprising how much it all adds up to when you get it to the till!

    This may sound daft, but I never realised you could get Primark gift cards! What a great idea, I might ask for one for my birthday!

    Its annoying when some of their clothes fit badly, I had to get a dress in a size 14 (I'm a size 10) a few months ago because it was cut way too tight round the arms. Luckily it looks OK in a 14, and gives me a bit of extra room to eat cake!

    Hope your new bag works out OK ... don't break the zip ;)

  2. love the dresses! and the handbag looks a lot more high end than Primark, good finds :) xoxxoxo


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